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The effect of writing wishes

Surely this is one of the teachings of the law of attraction, the answer to the basic question of those who say: I did everything right! So why do not I get an answer? Maybe they are unaware of the impact of writing requests. In this article, I want to remind you of the miracle of writing.
Those who have been familiar with this law for many years and have seen the secret movie over and over again and have read many books and have done this for years, but have not achieved the desired result. Also, if you are generally not a happy person, or you do not feel good, or you are depressed and frustrated, I recommend that you read this fascinating article to believe that you should be happy and satisfied without an external reason.
Whenever I have a wish that I am unable to fulfill, I resort to writing my wishes and giving thanks, and most of the time my wish is fulfilled in less than 21 days. Prominent followers of the law of attraction, such as Randa Byrne and Kevin Trudeau, have also emphasized the impact of writing on achieving goals.

The miracle of writing wishes

One way to achieve desires is through the law of attraction, is writing desires. You may not believe it, but if you start writing your wishes, you have multiplied the speed of access to your dreams. By writing down your wishes, you tell the universe exactly what you want, and they will begin to answer you. But one logical way to know if you have written correctly is to pay attention to your emotions. When writing, if your feelings are good, it means that you are not far from receiving a miracle, and if your feelings are bad, it means that you are going the wrong way.
If you want to achieve your dreams, learn the power of writing your words and goals. If you start writing down your dreams, your life will change. Do not underestimate the miracle of writing dreams. Words do magic. You can be sure that you will see real progress by writing. When you write down your wishes, goals, desires and dreams, you are telling the universe that I feel good about them. As soon as the universe receives your positive feeling, both the material and the frequency of your desire will enter your life. Many people are not familiar with the power of writing words and only keep them in mind.
To see the miracle of writing wishes, you need to visualize. Suppose the world gives you exactly what you want. You have to picture it happening and use the power of optimism. Start by writing your wish. Meditate on it, make it more special and repeat it over and over again aloud. Having a wish book strengthens you. Because of the difficulty of the way, you may regret continuing to follow the path to achieve your dream. But by looking at the wish book and reading your wishes, your tiredness will disappear.

Attracting goals through writing

(The law of attraction of goals)

According to surveys and statistics on the impact of writing goals, people who write their goals are more successful than people who are lazy in doing so. Take a pen and paper and write down all the things and all the opportunities you would like to get. You may list dozens or hundreds of wishes. Write until you feel good. Do not be afraid to write and know that the pen and paper in front of you can be the magic of your life.
What is the reason for more success in people who write their goals?
Having a goal and a plan for the future allows us to focus on a set of solutions, and instead of being distracted and deviating from the path, your time is focused on a straight line.
This is why human beings who have a specific goal have more achievements than non-target humans.
The problem is that everyone thinks they have goals for themselves, but in reality it is the hope and aspiration that they think about. People who do not have written goals never do the basic skills needed to succeed, that is, to strive and persevere to achieve the goal.
Setting goals, making a plan to achieve them, and working on them every day increase the chances of achieving goals many times over. This is not to say that setting goals guarantees success, and increases the likelihood of success many times over. Rather, it is you who, by writing goals, put yourself on the path to achieving them.

The importance of writing goals

Writing down goals is the first important step towards achieving them. First, because writing them requires you to visualize your goals, and second, because writing them creates a commitment to them.
Writing goals sets the stage for success. While only the goal of writing goals can speed up the process of achieving them, it is also important to review your goals from time to time. Do not forget and remember, the more you focus on your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them.

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