The Belief Formation by Repetition

The Belief Formation by Repetition

One of the most important factors in forming the belief for human is the repetition.
Repetition of the belief can be done in three ways:
The Verbal Repetition, The Intellectual Repetition, The Acting Repetition
The Verbal Repetition: This means that we repeat a series of motivational sentences or emphatic phrases. For example, we say to ourselves every day, “I have a beautiful face.”
The Intellectual Repetition: In the sense that you are constantly having a thought in your mind, we are constantly thinking about an issue and our mind is involved in that issue. For example, we constantly think about the economic situation, most people are in the trouble They are doing it and money in circulation is low, we are forming the belief of “poverty and scarcity” in our brains.
The Acting Repetition: In the sense that by doing certain things, we cause a specific point of the view or the attitude towards a subject. For example, if we speak in a group, even a small group of 3-4 people, and express our opinion easily, defends our rights and do not allow our rights to be lost, do not afraid to do something and take an action, this Belief is formed in us that we have high “confidence”.

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The Internal Repetition, The External Repetition

From another dimension, the repetition can be divided into two groups:
the Internal repetition, The External repetition
The Internal Repetition: Sometimes we receive a message from an external source such as a television, a teacher, a parent, or anyone except ourselves, and we repeat it over and over in our minds. This repetition, which is done over and over again by ourselves and in our minds, is called the internal repetition.
For example, suppose you were once humiliated by your teacher in a class as a child, and he told you, “You are a dumb person, and you do not understand anything.” You have repeated this sentence to yourself over and over again, and it has become a belief.
Whenever you want to do something new , whatever the problem you face, and wherever you need the creativity and the innovation, this belief (dumbness) does not allow you to take any particular action; Because your subconscious mind believes that I am dumb, and I have no creativity or the innovation, or I can never solve a problem and this is how beliefs determine our destiny.
The External repetition:
When a topic is repeated over and over again by an external source such as the TV, sites, social networks, friends, relatives, the family, etc., and we see, hear, or read it as brain food every time. It enters our brain and after few repetitions is accepted for our brain and is formed as a belief.

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The Positive Repetition, The Negative Repetition

repetition can have the same effect on negative beliefs as it does on positive beliefs. We must also be careful not to let things that make us feel unwell or limit us enter our brains. That is, we need to filter our brain inputs (seeing, hearing, saying, reading, thinking, remembering memories, and imagining future situations) so that the not everything can easily enter our brain and lead to belief formation.
So we realized that in the process of belief formation, if we want to create a positive and constructive belief in ourselves, at the same time, in addition to paying attention to the positive points, we must control our brain inputs so that negative inputs do not enter our brains.
1.Make a list of good memories, abilities, assets, and whatever you can be thankful for, and read this list every day (so that each of them evokes a special meaning for you).
2.Pay more attention to the inputs of your brain and identify the things that can make destructive beliefs and take your attention away from them and do not let them enter your brain.

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