The law of attraction of love (to marry favorite person)

The law of attraction of love (to marry favorite person)

Have you ever wanted something with all your heart and soul, but failed to achieve it despite trying so hard? What is the best way to achieve personal dreams? When all else fails, should you try to get it by other means like sending a positive frequency and trying remotely?
Perhaps you have heard about the “law of attraction” for achieving personal dreams and aspirations, such as a job, income or the ideal spouse. The law, which is also known as “the secret” and according to many theorists and motivational psychologists, has many effects for a person to achieve his goals. In this article, we will examine these claims and finally, we will also examine the ways to achieve your dreams and goals from a scientific point of view.

The claims made by the law of attraction

Physical and mental health control

The most important claim of the law of attraction is that our thoughts can directly affect our physical and mental health. They believe that fear, stress, worry, and negative thoughts make a person sick, but positive thinking in relation to comfort, convenience, and love makes a person healthy and even cures his illnesses, however difficult. The Law of Attraction claims that an important part of achieving health and curing illness is being able to imagine yourself healthy. When you see yourself healthy in your mind, your subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality and brings you complete health.

Controlling finances and achieving wealth

The Law of Attraction claims that if a person constantly thinks about success and getting rich, he will become rich, regardless of his current situation, because “like energy and thoughts attract each other.” If a person constantly thinks about poverty and lack of money, he will become poorer and poorer. Of course, it is also necessary to say that you should think about wealth and abundance along with your work and efforts and have positive feelings about money and wealth. Little by little, you will be on the path and frequency of wealth and you will miraculously become rich.

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Control relationships and attract whoever you want

The Law of Attraction is believed to control relationships. Because whatever we focus on, we will experience. According to the law of attraction, you can attract a certain person who has good behavior and personality to you, just create a mental image of your ideal person and imagine them as if they were real.

Achieving whatever ambition you have

The law of attraction claims that by fully visualizing and imagining what you want in detail, a series of events will occur that will materialize that vision. It doesn’t matter what you want and how much ability you have to achieve it, just ask for it and imagine it and see yourself in that situation and feel it.

Why shouldn't we leave our goals and dreams in the hands of the law of attraction?

The law of attraction ignores your potential

The law of attraction does not value your individual differences at all. You are only encouraged to think about wealth and attaining high positions. Without introducing a way and a method to you or taking into account your initial conditions, you will be pushed towards a lofty flight, in the meantime, you may ignore the opportunities that you can get with your talent and ability.

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you from action will stay in place

According to the law of attraction, we should act as if we have reached our goal! If it is other than this, the universe will think that you do not have it and will not give it to you! Esther Hicks, one of the famous preachers of the Law of Attraction, says: You are not born to create something by action! This way of thinking eliminates the time when you should be trying and taking action to achieve your desires.

Timing and planning should be thrown away

In the law of attraction, when you plan to achieve a goal and consider its basic timing, it means that you doubt its existence and its belonging to you, and this doubt attracts negative energy for you and keeps you away from your goal! So you have to plan and schedule!

Responsibility is up to you

Undoubtedly, not all circumstances are under our control, most of the path we take is our own choice, and the other important part is determined by family, society, environment, etc. We cannot interfere in all matters, but the law of attraction always blames you and believes that if something does not end in success because of your incompetence, such thinking will soon destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence. But it is better to know that it is very important in the law of attraction of emotions and the vibration you send because whatever emotion you have and send to the universe, you will attract the same.

Do we have to have positive energy and positive thoughts in general to achieve marriage and love?

Definitely yes! We must consider the power of positive energy and constructive thoughts. Such thoughts motivate you. Motivation is good, but you have to determine the path after motivation with a plan and tact. Here are some important positive techniques:

don't give up

Have you ever wanted something from your heart for a long time, but never got it? Do you think that this desire was like a mirage that the more you wanted to achieve it, the farther away it got? Maybe this wish was wealth or a romantic relationship, maybe you wanted your life circumstances to change. Has it ever happened to you that the moment you give up and give up on your dream, suddenly that dream suddenly becomes a reality?
This is the power of “surrender”. Wanting something so badly sometimes only leads to focusing on not having it or increases your anxiety. As a result, you will feel despair and despair because of this lack. But the moment you give up on this wish and tell yourself that you can live without it, suddenly the eternal dream comes true.
This principle is also true for single people who are anxious to get married. They cannot stop thinking about their loneliness for a moment. Even others notice this discomfort and intentionally or unintentionally distance themselves from this sad lonely person. But the moment they surrender and accept that they can be perfect in the single world too, an ideal love suddenly enters their lives.

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Make peace with yourself

The more you accept yourself, the better relationships you will experience. If you try to get into a relationship when you are full of despair and have low self-confidence and self-esteem, you may succeed, but you can be sure that you will not experience a good relationship.
You may push your love away, unintentionally start a controversy or more likely attract a man who is not right for you. Instead of staring at your lonely void and hoping that maybe a prince on a white horse will find you, it’s better to fill this void yourself first.

Know yourself

Until you know who you are? What moral qualities do you have? What are your strengths and weaknesses and what do you want from the world? You can’t find your favorite person. Knowing yourself isn’t just about being able to write down a list of your favorite qualities. It is important to know what makes you happy if you are sad. Who should be by your side in times of crisis? How and with whom do you prefer to manage important life issues? All these details will lead you to the right choice.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

You must have strengths and weaknesses just like any other human being, overcome your weaknesses and make good use of your positive points. Find your own path, respect your talent and potential. We do not mean that you do not progress and remain stagnant, on the contrary, our intention is that you choose the best way to progress by identifying your own potentials and abilities. A way to not only focus on the destination but also enjoy the journey.

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