Can Thanksgiving Change Lives?

Can Thanksgiving Change Lives?

Thanksgiving is one of the strongest emotions that especially attracts more desires and increases the level of vibrations in the person and as a result the law of attraction is more effective. However, Thanksgiving can not be considered a definitive factor in changing living conditions. The fact is that only you can change your life and circumstances with your work in the real world! Through positive actions that are summed up in your behaviors, you can do positive things every day that will ultimately make a big difference in your life. However, Thanksgiving is a great tool to help you do just that. All in all, if we were to ask the question, “Can Thanksgiving change lives?” Let’s say yes, Thanksgiving can help you change your life and accelerate positive change. Thanksgiving, with its positive effects on the law of attraction process, allows people to receive desires in less time.

What is a thanksgiving list?

A thanksgiving list is a simple way to express gratitude in writing.
Now the question is, “Should I write my thanks and gratitude or do I not need to do so?”
The answer to this question is: No, there is no reason why you should absolutely have to express your gratitude in writing. Finally, it is all about feeling, and this feeling is very prominent and understandable, both verbally and in writing Thanksgiving sentences.
Writing giving thanks can help strengthen that feeling and make it more appealing.
You can try both ways to be thankful and finally see what is best and most exciting for you.
Thanksgiving may seem different to one person And that has nothing to do with how much they feel grateful.
For example, what I personally like to do is have breakfast with my spouse in the morning and say a few things to him or her that I am currently thankful for.
Gratitude is a great reason to call a good friend or mother who not only improves your mood and increases your vibration level, but also makes others feel better and aligns them with the higher power of the universe.

Thanksgiving and appreciation in relationships

In a romantic relationship, both parties take steps to keep the other party happy.
This situation can provoke many emotions such as gratitude and Owe to the other person in both.
Research conducted in 2010 proved that the feeling of gratitude towards the other party is considered as an emotional response to a deliberate advantage, and its presence in the relationship can lead to the formation of new strategies to give more advantages and make happy Be each other.
Therefore, it can be said that gratitude has a positive role in attracting a certain person and having a healthy and good relationship.

Social effects of Thanksgiving and appreciation

Gratitude can be seen and examined at the individual or social level. A person who receives appreciation from one person may not respond directly to that person, but in turn may be kind to another person and actually expand the chain of goodness and love. Of course, sometimes a person who has been favored and appreciated may return a good feeling to the initiator of this kindness and support him in this way. Appreciation can effectively create good social chains among people and help them work harder to achieve goals and challenges.

Thanksgiving and the Law of Attraction

In this section, we will review 8 recent psychological findings related to the study of the effect of gratitude on the law of attraction.

1.Attract welfare and comfort

thanksgiving and appreciation can improve your sense of Feeling Welfare. Grateful people are usually those who have less mental problems than others and life is sweeter for them.
In addition, gratitude is inversely related to depression and is associated with life satisfaction. Of course, this does not mean that “depressed people” should be more thankful, because depression is a very complex disease that millions of people struggle with and there are various treatments to solve it. Instead, thanksgiving can be part of treating people who are struggling with depression.

2.Attract love in relationships

Thanksgiving is also a powerful tool for strengthening personal relationships and attracting love. People who appreciate each other are more willing to forgive others and less narcissistic. Thanking those who have helped you strengthens and shapes your relationship. It also strengthens the relationship and the satisfaction of the parties to the current situation.

3.Optimism and good behavior

People who have focused on gratitude and paid special attention to it have shown more optimism in many areas of their lives, including health and exercise.

4.Attract joy and happiness

A number of scientists conducted a study in 2011 with very interesting results. In this study, people were asked to write a letter and deliver it to someone they feel grateful for.
After doing so, the levels of happiness and life satisfaction in both of them were significantly affected, and this feeling was seen in them even until a few weeks later. When it comes to happiness and life satisfaction, gratitude provides a long-term effect that can have a positive effect on a person’s psyche and sense of life satisfaction.
So, the more you experience and express gratitude, the more opportunities and people you have to express gratitude, and that means you enter a cycle that makes you feel better and better every day.

5.Control of individual behaviors

Self-control helps to create more order and focus in people’s lives. This allows us to make “better choices” in our long-term health, financial future and well-being.
Showing appreciation and gratitude can strengthen self-control and find a way to reduce impatience. In fact, with a simple exercise of appreciation, extraordinary conditions can be created to reduce a wide range of social harms.
Being thankful can give us the determination we need to make our choices in life. As this study shows, there are many ways to use appreciation and thanksgiving as a great way to move towards healthier and better communities.

6.Attract physical and mental health

Research conducted in 2015 shows that patients with heart failure who study gratitude content and implement solutions to it, experience results such as reducing inflammation, improving sleep and boosting mood and their living conditions. It got better than before. This reduced the symptoms of heart failure after only 8 weeks! Therefore, it can be said that what gratitude and gratitude have to do with physical health and the connection between mind and body is an issue that has been researched over and over again and its results have been proven. Feeling appreciated helps us to have a healthier mind and body.

7.A better life with Thanksgiving

According to studies over the past decade, adults who feel grateful have more energy, optimism, social connections, and happiness than people who do not. They are also less depressed, jealous, greedy and addicted to drugs and alcohol.

8.Success in sports

Studies show that an athlete’s appreciation for success can affect his or her success rate and level of exercise. Therefore, adolescent and young athletes who are more grateful in life than other people are usually more satisfied with their position in their sport and tend to have higher levels of self-esteem. It is interesting to know that Thanksgiving also affects sports fans! So that the level of appreciation and gratitude of the fans of a sports team affects their relationship with that particular team and makes the performance of the people in the team better.
Giving thanks and appreciation helps the athletes to go through the training period better and helps to strengthen the cohesion in a team.

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