Is the law of attraction true about marriage?

Is the law of attraction true about marriage?

Using the law of attraction for marriage and its effectiveness is usually one of the questions that arise for many young people. Many people of marriageable age want to know if we can really attract the right person for marriage with the power of thinking. Although there are many people who use this law in their daily life and claim that it is effective, it can be assumed that using the law of attraction directly will not find a suitable person for marriage and through indirect ways such as increasing self-confidence, it helps you to solve some communication problems.

The law of attraction for marriage

The law of attraction is a topic that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years and many people believe in this law and seek to achieve their goals. One of the controversial areas of this issue is the use of the law of attraction for marriage. The teachers of this approach believe that you send a message to the universe by believing in the goals you have for marriage and moving towards them, and then the universe will bring you to the desired goal.
It seems somewhat unlikely that simply asking the universe can get you to your goals without receiving any special advice or training, and this is a topic that can also be seen in the solutions provided by the law of attraction for marriage. These strategies are usually indirectly teaching the basic principles of social communication, and it is natural that the more you can follow these principles, the more likely you are to communicate with the person you are looking for.

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Law of attraction for marriage - solutions

Using the law of attraction for a successful marriage includes some principles and solutions that we will mention below. Although many psychologists question the scientific validity of the law of attraction, it can be said that the solutions presented are topics that can help your mental health to a great extent.

loving yourself

Many people who talk about the effectiveness of the law of attraction for marriage believe that the first step in marriage is that you can love yourself and treat yourself more lovingly. Increasing self-confidence, believing in your own competence and worthiness, and also being lovable are among the issues that you should be empowered in in this part of the exercises. This solution refers to an important law and principle of psychology, which believes that no person can establish a friendly relationship with others before establishing intimate relationships with himself. Among the solutions offered in this field, we can mention lovingly talking to yourself, expressing your merits and buying a gift for yourself.

Belief in goals

Another important exercise in using the law of attraction for marriage is that you have to have complete faith in what you have in mind and treat your desires as a definite fact rather than a wish or a goal. Law of Attraction teachers believe that to the extent that you can consider your goals as reality, you will send your message more powerfully to the universe and receive a faster response. This topic also refers to a law in the psychology of hope, which believes that in order to move towards goals and achieve them, you must have the ability to imagine your goal in an objective and clear way in your mind and determine the ways to achieve.

Appropriate behavior with others

Among other teachings that are mentioned in the law of attraction is that you should treat others well. It is better to smile at them and treat them with kindness and empathy. This will make you have a more positive mental state and inner feeling towards yourself and at the same time it will attract the attention of the people around you. Using this law will definitely help you to have a better mood and a positive feeling, and at the same time, it will eliminate many defects and problems that may exist in a person’s social relationships. One of the definite results of such behavior is that you will be more visible in your relationships, and this can increase your chances of meeting the person of your choice.

Is the law of attraction true for marriage?

In response to this question, many people talk about the effectiveness of this method, and some others believe that despite using this method, they could not achieve their goals. Examining the existing principles in using the law of attraction for marriage will clarify the points that we will mention in the following.

Indirect influence

As it was said, the solutions proposed in the law of attraction for marriage are among the issues that can increase your mental health and make you more determined on the way to your goal. When you increase your self-confidence and move towards your goals with certainty, it is quite natural that your chances of achieving your goals will also increase. Therefore, the use of the law of attraction cannot be considered completely incorrect. It seems that this law can give you more power to achieve your goals in the position of motivational psychology and thus indirectly teaches you the teachings of psychology.

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Lack of training

Although the strategies proposed in the law of attraction are the same principles that are taught to the individual in counseling sessions, these strategies do not provide a complete education to the individual and will be unable to change the beliefs and problems of the individual. For example, a person who suffers from low self-confidence or depression after hearing this sentence that he should be interested in himself and treat himself with more love instead of criticizing himself, even if he accepts it, he cannot behave in this way. These people need to first find and treat their problems with the help of psychological sessions.

Law of attraction for marriage - a better solution

If marrying a suitable person is one of the goals you have in mind and you are looking for a way to achieve it, it is better to base your plan on more solid principles such as using pre-marriage counseling. This does not mean that using the law of attraction for marriage is not true, but it means that it is better to use the solutions of this law along with other methods. Among the measures that are offered in psychological centers to have a desirable marriage, the following can be mentioned.

Recognizing the problem and helping to solve it

The first step in using premarital counseling is to help a person to find the reasons for his inability to get married and take action to fix them. For example, some people may have lost the possibility of marriage due to mental or personality problems such as sensitivity to rejection and insecure attachment, depression, personality disorders or even family strictures. Consultants will help you in the first step to identify these problems and take action to eliminate them.

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Teaching appropriate solutions

Some people need to be taught certain behaviors. For example, many young boys and girls do not know how to communicate socially with someone of the opposite sex, and this causes problems in their relationships. If the experts come to the conclusion that ignorance of certain behaviors is the issue that creates obstacles in a person’s marriage, they will dedicate sessions to behavioral training.

Making beliefs realistic

One of the most common problems in marriage is the inappropriateness of a person’s beliefs and desires. Thoughts like marrying a person who has no weaknesses are among the issues that can cause many obstacles in a person’s marriage. Family psychologists try to help the person or family find the right person for marriage by correcting the wrong beliefs and expectations.

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