Attract goals through writing

Your subconscious does not resist the present

Your subconscious does not resist the present
Do not consider a limit in writing goals and aspirations, when we say do not consider a limit, it means financial, professional and the like, for example, it does not matter for the universe, you now want $ 100 or $ 10 million, just to feel and your frequency responds.
To make your wishes come true, write and write … There is a special power in writing that you can use to accelerate the process of achieving your dreams and desires.
If you want a dream relationship, then write it on paper.
If you want wealth, then write it on paper.
If you want health, write it on paper.
Writing makes miracle, and you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
Even if it does not work, be assured that it will make you feel very good, give you a better understanding of what you want, and make you have all the reasons for achieving your desire on paper forever. What does writing really do?
When you start writing about a topic, the ideas will come to your mind one after the other and the forgetfulness of the ideas will be minimized because you have written them down.
When writing, your mind is completely focused on the text you are writing, and you are writing about your desire, so in fact, it can be said that all your attention is focused on your desire, and you, through this attention, gradually you will prepare your mind to get what you want.
Keep your mind fully occupied with what you are writing about.
What can we use to help in writing?
Try to give thanks every time you write.
For example: I thank …….. for coming into my life.
I’m thankful that the blessing I want has entered my life and I am very happy about it.
Try to use past tense and present tense verbs.
When you use the verb for the future, you are actually saying that I do not deserve it now, so the desire gets farther and farther away from you, and also because it is written in the future tense, so the eye does the same and enters the mind as an input. Finally, the mind believes that this desire is postponed to the future and will not give you the right idea to achieve it, and according to the law of attraction, you will go farther and farther away from it. Then you have the opposite vibes.
For example, look at the following sentences and see the emotional difference it creates in you:
I will get what I want … I have what I want and I am thankful for it.
I will reach an ideal person … Thank God I have reached an ideal person.
So be sure to remember to use present or past tenses.

Do not mention unwanted things in writing

Never write about things you do not want. This is the biggest mistake you can make. The world does not know the positive and the negative and enters your life according to what you write and pay attention to. Your subconscious mind only pays attention to actions when you say (I do not like to be poor) (your mind focuses on the word poverty and invites what you do not like into your life more so it is better to use this sentence) ( I like to be rich).
So try to focus only on your desires and the things that make you feel good and write about them and ignore the unwanted.
With the advent of wanted things, the unwanted things will disappear.

Use photos

Express your love and feelings in writing.
In writing, try to have a photo of your wishes with you and stick it on a piece of paper.
Each time you look at a photo of your desire, you become more determined to access the desire, and as mentioned before, you feel better. Seeing a photo, even if you can do mental imagery, that is, visualize yourself in a situation where you have that desire, this is also very important, and you can get closer and closer to your desires through it.
Photos make you more focused on writing and ultimately paying attention to what you want.

Consider beauty

Try to write your wishes in beautiful handwriting, write them with colored pens as much as you can decorate. This gives a special beauty to your written texts and this also causes you to establish a better relationship with the writings and want to read from it again every once in a while and this reading will make you feel good again. If you use electronic devices for writing, there is no problem, but it is better to write with pen and paper to create a better feeling in you. In electronic devices, it is true that you can give more beauty to the text, but the feeling that when writing on paper, it will not be like this when typing.
Of course, this is entirely due to the characteristics of the people, there are also people who have a better relationship with typing, so how good it is for them to do so, and I emphasize again that what you feel is important. If you want to know which one works best for you and is more effective, look at your feelings.
Try to write during the day after waking up in the morning or at night before going to bed.
Of course, this does not mean that you should not write at other times of the day, but it does mean that it will work better for you.
Because in the morning after you wake up, your mind is like a bucket with all the stuff in it empty and nothing in it, and if you start writing about your desires right away, you will feel the bucket of your mind feeling well, you fill in your desires and reminders, and at the very beginning of the day, joy and vivacity are formed in you.
Start your mornings with writing, and if you write at the end of the night before going to bed, because good or bad things may have happened to you on this day, then at the end of the night your mind is full of different thoughts and you do it with your mind. You focus on one thing, and that is your desires.
Finish your day by writing
In the end, I mention that if you write for at least 5 minutes a day, this good feeling will take shape in you and will be lasting.

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