How your beliefs have shaped your life so far

The 44th Law of Attraction: (How your beliefs have shaped your life so far)

Hypnotize your beliefs and mindsets and know that you will be an unstoppable Law of Attraction expert.
People always ask how they can visualize better.
I believe in choosing a collection of the best ideas. That is, beliefs that bring you positive results, not beliefs that can turn you into a mental slave, this is an important point of the law of attraction.

The 45th Law of Attraction (Do you really know who you are?)

There are times when it is important to do things the right way. For example, when you jump out of a plane through a parachute and the rope for the parachute suddenly gets stuck, it is no longer time to think about what to make for dinner. Not!
Rather, the first priority is for the parachute to return to its proper function. Similarly, pursuing your goals and dreams using the Law of Attraction becomes simple when you use this principle to discover and release your highest personal power. In other words, you have to know yourself and then like a magnet attract everything you want.

The 46th Law of Attraction: Claim Your Personal Freedom (Be Emotionally Strong and Powerful)

Consider the moment you enter into a new romantic relationship or start a new business, what happens? Both of these are like stepping into the unknown, but both are very exciting experiences. But in both situations you will be very hopeful. But there is also ambiguity, what will actually happen? Is everything going well?
So why are these events exciting when many people find life’s journey full of fear and worry and boring?
This is a personal question that each person must address and the reality is that each person can live any way they want. Just when you think everything is hopeless, you avoid everything. But personally, whenever I’m feeling extremely anxious and hopeless, I remind myself that it’s night and I’ve collected all the negative patterns and tomorrow morning it all starts again and I’ll start again with energy and These issues are forgotten.
I will tell you an interesting story from the human point of view: I saw an advertisement on TV where a man was running along a road and crossing a bridge. She had a handbag in her hand and was running as fast as her legs could handle. Everything in the scene indicated that it was a crime scene. But after that they changed the camera angle and the scene was seen from an opposite direction. He walked towards a woman and gave her the bag and said to her with a friendly smile: You left this bag on the ground! This ad shows us the importance of keeping an open mind and a pure heart.
Realize that the law of attraction has no limits, so be like an oak tree and stretch your horizons to the sky and beyond.

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The 47th Law of Attraction: (Choose happiness and other filters with which you can manifest)

I learned an amazing fact about something called a filter. If you apply a special filter on the camera, the world will look very different in the photo. A blue or pink filter and even something like that… Later I realized that humans also have filters, I realized that I have an optimistic filter but some people have a pessimistic filter. There is something very powerful about filter selection, and that is that people who consider themselves happy, optimistic, and always grateful tend to live longer, earn more, and have a higher quality of life. It will be more authentic.
You can choose happiness, you can literally move the world the way you want through good filters like positive energy and the right thoughts.

The 48th Law of Attraction: (There is no one better and more original than you, along with the world, you can be sure that you will win in any kind of game of life)

There are things that you can do that no one else can do but you, and as a result, you will be the number one champion in the world. No one is better than you and no one is more talented than you… The best person who can push the law of attraction according to his own interests and desires is you. When you know yourself and choose your beliefs, this world will be like a playground and you will win every game you choose.

The 49th Law of Attraction: (One critical thing that the world demands from you)

Doing what others do or looking for rules that don’t exist is like wandering in despair or looking for water in a dry desert. You are a unique person and you have your own fingerprint and you also have a different DNA than everyone else. The world just wants you to realize that you are unique and then you can have anything you want because you stop doing what you think you should. You will realize in a blink of an eye that you are your own best friend in the world and that is enough to attract a wonderful life. At this time the world simply says show me your passport.

the 50th law of attraction (focus on the energy of money or whatever you want to attract)

Consider the dimensions of energy in every situation, every opportunity and every new relationship. Energy mastery will give you x-ray vision…you will be able to absorb anything and change anything you like. For example, the next time you have an important decision to make, create a good picture of its situation in your mind. Now remove the specific details of that image and replace it with energy, because energy tells you what to do. This is a powerful technique for attracting wealth. The truth is that we humans live in a huge pool of money and money is everywhere. There are millions of dollars floating around you right now and you don’t have more than a little bit of money. Currently, if you try to get large sums of money rationally and only by thinking, your efforts may be fruitless and disappointing. But if you, as an energetic being, begin to attract energy and add real value to the world and others, you will become a magnet for attracting wealth, attracting success, and attracting everything you want.

The fifty-first law of attraction: Expect That what you want will happen

Get used to listening to yourself and announcing your goals to the world. Like this: The sun is shining, I’m amazing and I’m being given everything I deserve. Tell everything with emotion and truth, if you believe it, it will happen.

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The 52nd Law of Attraction (Awakening to Your Abilities, Inviting the Abilities You Were Born With)

The development and evolution of your thoughts is in a theory called a thermostat. See where it is now and then gradually increase it like an athlete gradually increasing their muscle strength. In other words, tell yourself that I will increase my wealth by the end of next week. Can you believe it? Hold this thought until your inner belief thermostat is pushed and you feel that belief has overcome your doubts.
These are your current thoughts, maybe you believe that you will increase your wealth by 10 dollars in the next week, and maybe this number will go up to 10,000 dollars. My last sentence is to train your inner thermostat so that the power of belief within you increases every day. As your inner belief muscle grows, you will feel excited as a result. This is a subconscious growth.

The fifty-third law of attraction: and establish a magical relationship with something that has been with you since childhood

The extraordinary thing that I want to tell you, and there has never been an exception for any person, is this:
There is a special place within you that connects you to the greatness and limitless potential of the universe. That place is not like other people’s place, it is based on you and unique to you.
Your energetic DNA is the moment an exciting change happens to you. This is the time when all the love and power in the world rises like a tidal wave and becomes your exciting partner on this journey. The link you create at that time will give you a big reward. Health, happiness, purpose and attracting abundance and everything you were looking for in the law of attraction.

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