How can we use the 68 seconds law of attraction?

How can we use the 68 seconds law of attraction?

To use the 68-seconds law of attraction, just empty your mind of everything and lie down slowly. Then imagine your desire in full detail for 17 seconds. For example, if your desire is a new mobile phone, you should imagine your mobile phone completely and in full detail in your mind.
Note that you should only do this for 17 seconds and don’t fantasize more than that. For example, you don’t need to constantly ask yourself, can I achieve this desire? Can this law bring me to my desire? And… just with this short-term imagining and then forgetting your desire and goal, there is a high probability that you will achieve what you want.

Will using the 68 seconds law of attraction be associated with the desired result?

Yes. Many people have been able to achieve good results by applying this law and practicing the 68 seconds law of attraction. Just by imagining your desires for 17 seconds, you will be much closer to your heart’s desires and you will see its amazing effects in life.

Writing technique 68 seconds and the sequence of numbers 17 and 34 and below it 51 and 68

Can practicing the 68 seconds law of attraction help us achieve our dreams?

Many people ask if it is possible to achieve your dreams with this 68 seconds law of attraction practice? Is the 68 seconds law of attraction strong enough to guide us to achieve our dreams? Maybe achieving your dreams in 68 seconds is an unreasonable issue for you and you cannot understand it well.
But I assure you that this 68 seconds will be a very effective 68 seconds for you to reach your dreams. By doing this and harmonizing your inner energy with the energy of the world around you, you can achieve what you desire without going against the universe. Note that the vibrations sent by you in these 68 seconds should not contradict each other at all. For example, it is not right for you to say to yourself: I would like to become rich, but I cannot put much effort in this way!
Saying this is like sending a contradictory message to the universe. In fact, at this time, neither you nor the universe will understand what exactly you want from your life! Many people say to themselves that it is impossible to attract anything and achieve a dream by using the 68-second law of attraction.
But if you use your thoughts enough and in the right way to implement the 68-second law of attraction, you will send a frequency into the universe that will make your dreams come true.

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Is it true to use the 68 second technique?

To realize the effect of the 68-second law of attraction, it is enough to apply this law three times. By applying this rule in just three times, you will notice its amazing effects. Of course, you should note that in applying this law in three times, you should not send opposing thoughts to the universe.
In fact, if you say to yourself that I want a certain car; But the cost of buying it is too high and I can’t afford it, you have sent this frequency to the universe that I don’t want this car because I don’t see myself as worthy of having it. This is why people do not always get the desired result from using the 68 seconds technique.
If you send conflicting vibrations into the universe, these conflicting vibrations will eventually cancel each other out and this will cause you to not achieve any specific results using this law. But if you do this correctly for 3 days, you will see that two interesting things will happen to you that can transform your life:
You will find that you have the necessary ability to do the 68 second technique in 4 to 17 second intervals and you will be able to concentrate sufficiently.
By doing this, you are sending a message to the universe that you have enough energy to shape your life and you will align the universe with your goals to achieve your dreams.


In this article, we talked about the 68-second law of attraction and achieving your dreams in 68 seconds with the help of the magic number of the law of attraction and told you how much this technique can help you achieve your dreams. Many people do not believe in this law or maybe they have lost their belief in the law of attraction due to doing it wrongly and not getting the correct result.
In this article, we have explained to you how you can align the frequencies of the universe with yourself and achieve your dreams by correctly applying the 68 second law of attraction in just 68 seconds.
Even if doing this seems like a dream and impossible to you, we recommend that you try it properly at least once to see the unique effects of the 68 Seconds Law of Attraction in your life.

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