Make your dreams come true to realize your love

Make your dreams come true to realize your love

Never limit yourself and suppress your dreams because of what others say, but give wings to your dreams and try to achieve them. Because 20 years later, you will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. “Fly until the wish, don’t believe the chain”.

take a rest

Take time to relax. For example, go on a trip, have fun, listen to your favorite music, watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see for a long time, and… Don’t forget that you sometimes need to rest and be alone to be fresh and energetic at work or university or even at home.

Exciting life

Get your life out of monotony and dedicate time to having fun and doing things that increase your energy and make you feel good.

Good diet

Consider a healthy and nourishing diet for yourself along with exercising and take care of your physical health. Many people do not like themselves because they are fat or overweight. Exercising and proper diet will help you not only look beautiful, but also have a positive outlook on life and love yourself.

3 photos of nutritious nuts and one photo of diet sandwich

look the beautiful

Look at the beauty around you more carefully and try to touch them, for example, smell the flowers, look at the sunset differently, caress the leaves of plants, etc. When you can see the beauty around you, whether you like it or not, your view of yourself becomes positive and you can see your inner and outer beauty and be grateful.

4simple exercises to love yourself

In this section, we will introduce you to exercises that you can use to love yourself more. It is very easy for many people to show their love and affection to others, but when it comes to themselves, it is a completely different story. One of the most important factors that make you live a good and happy life is loving yourself.
You’ve probably heard phrases like, “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love others?” Or “If you don’t love yourself, how can someone else love you?” have you heard.
Of course, in the implied meaning of these statements, they cannot be completely true, but this is a pure truth that if you cannot establish a healthy relationship with yourself, you definitely cannot establish a healthy relationship with others. So, if you have a problem with self-love, the exercises that we have mentioned below can strengthen the spirit of self-love in you.
So first, keep your mind free and try these exercises, because they can have a profound and surprising effect on your relationship with yourself and others in a short period of time.

1-Distinguish your main and non-main character from each other

The first step towards strengthening self-love is knowing your core personality. It is very important to understand what you really want and what kind of life you like. In order to better understand your main character, it is better to take a notebook and draw a picture of yourself in the middle of the page and then draw several thought bubbles that show your thoughts about life.
Now write your biggest negative thoughts about yourself in these painted bubbles, of course this may be a little painful but try to do it correctly. Once you have filled all the bubbles with your negative thoughts, give yourself a few minutes to identify whether these negative thoughts are coming from your true self or from the pretend you are showing to please others.
Then turn the page and repeat this exercise again. Whenever your negative thoughts start to turn into positive thoughts, you can compare the pages you have drawn. After this comparison, you will find out which of your thoughts are real and which are rooted in your unrealistic personality.

2. Don't forget group exercises of positivity

The second exercise to love yourself is perhaps the most difficult exercise on this list because you have to invite some of your friends and acquaintances to do it. Ask your friends and acquaintances to spend about an hour with you and get together in a private and comfortable place like the living room.
Choose one person to be the first person to volunteer for this exercise, then have the others comment positively on their strengths, skills, talents, and other outstanding qualities. It’s not hard, just tell them all the good things you know about the volunteer, because this will help you if you have low self-esteem and can’t love yourself enough. Try to see your strengths from the perspective of others and believe them.

3. Write romantic texts for yourself

It is possible that you have already tried to write sentences in this direction to love yourself, but it is better to come to strengthen your love and update your written texts so that you can get more results from them. Try to write sentences for yourself in the present tense and focus on accepting yourself as you are. Try to use the first person point of view in your writings and don’t write sentences about yourself as if someone else wrote them. Below is an example of what you should write down in your notebook:
• I am a good person
• I deserve love and respect
• I accept and love myself as I am.
Repeat your affirmations at least once a day, and setting a time to do this will make sure you’re always going to repeat it. Also, every moment of the day when you feel that the amount of love you have towards yourself has decreased, you can repeat this process again and don’t worry that you have overdone it because self-love is not going to hurt anyone.

An image of a heart that is in the form of a mirror and a girl who sees herself in it and some tulips

4-Adhere to the principle of equality

What would you say if someone asked you if you believe that all people in the world are equal?
Probably, in response to this person, he will say that yes, it is true that all people in the world are equal to each other. Now the question that arises is, if you believe in this principle, how come you have negative thoughts about yourself and sometimes you blame yourself only because “I am not as good as him” or “They are much better than me”. ??
In order to neutralize these negative thoughts and in order to learn to love yourself, you must wholeheartedly adhere to the principle of equality. This principle emphasizes that we are all equally human and deserve pleasure, love and happiness. So, if in the future you feel very weak and you are tempted to make an exception for yourself, remember that the principle of equality has no exceptions and everyone deserves love and happiness, even you.

final word

Finally, don’t waste your precious time trying to change things that don’t need to be changed. Instead, focus on enhancing the abilities and qualities that make you unique. By using these ways to practice self-love, hopefully you’ll see yourself better the next time you look in the mirror.
There are certainly more ways to practice self-love than the ones listed. We would love to hear your thoughts on this article and the impact it has had on you. Please send us your thoughts in the comments section of this article. Thank you for your beautiful look.

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