The law of attraction in 68 seconds

The law of attracting and revealing dreams in 17 seconds

Many of us have heard about the application of the Law of Attraction and manifesting dreams through the application of the Law of Attraction and have tried to apply it in our daily lives. We have tried to think of things that we would like to happen in our lives. Sometimes we succeeded and sometimes our low self-esteem prevented us from achieving our dreams. But the point is, is there a special and amazing technique in the law of attraction that we can use to manifest our dreams?

This method is a great way to manifest your dreams without spending a lot of time on it.

Abraham Hicks: 17 seconds to make your dreams come true based on the law of attraction of the universe. If you can hold a simple thought in your mind for 17 seconds without contradicting it, the law of attraction will produce thoughts of the same size, the same frequency.
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Is it possible to attract the goal and visualization of dreams with 68 seconds?

You may say that it seems unreasonable, I cannot understand the existence of such a force. When you align your energy with the energy of the universe, when you no longer oppose that core, amazing things happen. 17 seconds is not really a long time, but what I see is that many of you are sending out about 8 contradictory vibrations per second.
Most of you don’t even finish a sentence without it contradicting your desired frequency. For example, you say, “I want to become rich, but I’m too tired to make an effort.” This sentence took about a second. Or, for example, “I would like to be healthy, but I am afraid of this disease.”
” Most of us have been trained to be very realistic and objective, and in fact, we end up killing ourselves and ruining our work by our own hands. It is exactly like someone saying: I want a cup of hot tea, and then putting the kettle on the gas and turning on the gas, but just before the water boils, they turn off the flame and then turn it on again. And before the water boils, he turns it off again and then says: I have been trying to drink a hot cup of tea for 15 years and we say just wait a little longer and let the flame be on.
Only if you can get over these strong reactions and wait just a little longer will you feel what I am talking about. What makes you unable to eliminate opposing thoughts quickly is that you have been trained to think logically and purposefully, weigh the advantages and consider the positive and negative points. You have learned that the balanced and reasonable thing is to say, for example, that some things cannot be attracted.

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We say that you are overdoing it, because the contradiction and doubt helps you to clarify your dreams, because we talk and think about it in more detail, and this movement is forward Conflict and doubt are necessary to make a decision, but once you have made the final decision, there is no more room for doubt.
If you focus all your attention on that decision and do your best to achieve a frequency that matches that decision, in no time, the universe will work to help you achieve what you desire.
I was talking to a lady on the phone about pure thought and she really couldn’t understand what I was saying. For many of us, it is much easier to watch TV or follow other people’s orders than to close our eyes and think about what we want for 17 seconds. When I asked this lady to think about what she wanted for just 17 seconds, she said that she had three main issues: health, financial issues and relationships.
But because he always had negative feelings towards these issues, he could not focus on having them. So I asked her to pick three things that she doesn’t feel bad about having, and they don’t have to be major life-changing things to begin with. But he didn’t even think of these three things, and in the end I suggested sunglasses with blue glass, which is something that can be easily imagined, and I asked him to do the 17-second exercise about sunglasses.
He hung up the phone and was traveling at the same time when he happened to enter the glasses store and saw exactly the glasses he had imagined. And so easily this technique worked for this lady. Because he had no mental resistance about sunglasses.

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Does the 68-second technique of creating desires with the law of attraction always work?

I encourage you to play this game for three things. Because if you play this game for one or two things and if you only play this game for a few days for topics that you are particularly interested in and you have no negative or conflicting feelings about it, you will soon see that the universe is always It will respond perfectly to your vibrations.
But the reason the universe doesn’t respond to your vibrations is because you say, I want this red car, but it’s too expensive, so the universe responds to both the vibrations you sent out, and as a result, these two thoughts They produce opposite vibrations and eventually cancel each other out and you don’t get any answer or result.
I hope you understand what I mean? So, in people with opposite thoughts, the law of attraction will not work for 68 seconds! When you start sending pure vibrations, you will see the universe respond to your vibrations. If you play this game for two to three days, two interesting things will happen to you:
The first event: you show yourself that you have the ability to focus on something for 17 seconds, and if you can do this in the first 17 seconds, then for the second 17 seconds (34 seconds), the third (51 seconds) and the fourth (68 seconds) you can also do.
Second event: You give the universe the opportunity to show you that it will fully respond to your vibration. You will actually learn that you are a ray of energy that will be answered and this will actually give you a sense of control and you will realize that you are the creator of your life.

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My friends, you are the creator of your own life. Let me make it clear to you, being a creator means that you are focused on energy. You are not here to vibrate whatever you see and wherever you go. You must be the conductor of your own energy, and directing energy is only by focusing on your thoughts. Now, you know what you’re doing, do you really know if you’re focusing on what you want?
You must be sensitive to your emotions because you actually feel your frequency fluctuations. Your emotions are your guidance system, in other words, your emotions reflect your inner state. Imagine a ceiling fan, one of those fans that are well-made and expensive and do their job well. This fan is so well-made that it brings cool air to you without any noise. Now holding your pencil in the path of the fan blades makes a weird noise, right?
The pencil in the fan are exactly the negative emotions. When you try to convert a high and regular frequency to a low and irregular frequency. Can you feel the vibrations of your energy? A pencil inside a fan is a very obvious example of energy fluctuations, but this is exactly the same as negative emotions. When you have a dream, when you have an idea about something and you see yourself in the position of having it, but you come to the conclusion that you cannot have it. This disappointment and negative feeling is like a pencil inside a fan. You are the one who transforms a low and slow vibration into a higher and faster vibration.

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Have you ever been with someone who makes you feel better the more you talk to them? A friend with whom you feel good. you play You joke and you feel happy all the time, especially when you were young or a teenager, you may have experienced this feeling. This is the feeling I want you to experience, keep playing this game until you go to a higher and higher frequency until you feel like there is nothing you can’t do. That, my friends, is the feeling I want you to reconnect with.
I want you to understand that if you can focus on one thought for 17 seconds, a powerful energy is generated that has a very high frequency, and when you do this deliberately and consciously, you will see that the universe will respond to your new frequency. You become the creator of things and events in your life. When you can very simply focus on the final result and be in the frequency of what you want, the vibration of the universe will match the vibration of your thoughts and you will become the creator of the events and things that you have determined in advance.
It only takes 17 seconds to achieve your dreams, do you have 17 seconds?

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