Formula for attracting wishes with thanksgiving

Formula for attracting wishes with thanksgiving

To create more abundance in life and achieve success, you need to clear some of the misconceptions that exist in your brain about life and success. These mental beliefs can be made up of your inner thoughts And do something so that you can not give the necessary value to your dreams.
When you give thanks for things you want but have not yet received, it can put you in the right emotional state to have what you already want. In this situation, you act as if you have achieved what you want, and you have it now.
The more your mind becomes accustomed to these feelings, the more it slowly abandons past thought patterns and accepts your new way of thinking as a new normal state. The formula of gratitude along with generosity is equal to abundance, which is one of the excellent and correct formulas for manifesting success and achieving desires.
Practicing Thanksgiving in advance gives your brain the signal that you have what you want.
Generosity in what you have doubles your faith and makes you feel rich and believe that you have many things. Generosity is also “proving” that you are rich in the real world. When you have a strong enough belief in this and become known as a generous person, then it is completely aligned with abundance and your life will be full of things that you want to receive.

Thanksgiving and the law of vibration

Now that we know a little more about how gratitude affects us physically and emotionally, let’s talk about the power of gratitude. Gratitude is very useful for epiphaning desires; Because it creates a state in which we no longer feel empty and hopeless, and our way of thinking changes completely. All people can create this feeling by simply focusing on the things for which they are grateful in their lives and realize the security and abundance of what they have.
When talking about the manifestation of desires, it is very important to mention the vibrational frequencies. Since everything in our world is made of energy, we can also note that everything has frequency and energy, much like a radio transmitter! In the meantime, we can only get the frequencies that are in their path and are somehow involved.
For example, if you are constantly feeling stressed, lacking, or ashamed, you will be in the path of frequencies that are in tune with your feelings and thoughts. When you adjust to this frequency, you absorb more of it, and thus you encounter bad and uncomfortable things like stress and anxiety.
When you adjust to higher frequencies by doing things like thanking, loving, and being happy, you will change course and adapt to the positive emotions that make life sweeter.
That’s why when you adjust to the right frequencies, you absorb what is at that level. So even if you mentally realize that you have not yet received your wish and have not achieved it, the feeling of gratitude and the law of vibration will attract more energy by you and keep your mentality at a good level.
Therefore, you absorb what you want and in this way you will achieve your desires by using gratitude and the law of attraction and vibration.

Create a habit of the gratitude in the mind

Research on the brain shows that all people can re-wire their brain over time and change its structure! In other words, “neurons that are thrown together are connected to each other.”
This means that the more you practice certain thoughts and behaviors, the stronger the brain connections to those thoughts and actions. Therefore, when you practice the gratitude and by doing so, you actually feel a pleasant and relaxing situation, your ability to do it increases.
If you consciously practice Thanksgiving every day, your brain will look for reasons to experience Thanksgiving over time without you are having to tell it. This process eventually creates positive emotions in the person and improves his condition.

How to practice Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a feeling and human beings can create this feeling in their mind and body only through thought. You automatically practice gratitude by thinking about the things for which you are grateful. Just try to think of the person or people in your life and feel that a wave of positive energy is sweeping you.
The easiest way to practice gratitude is to make a list of things for which you are thankful to the merciful God every day. This manifestation technique is called a thank you list. You can do this on a piece of paper or mentally, but it is better if you write it down. Write down three to five things you are thankful for each day. As you write them down, focus on what is the reason for your gratitude and appreciation for having “that special thing.” It is also best to spend some time focusing on sincere thanksgiving.
For example, one day you might be thankful for a healthy breakfast, a good night’s sleep, and a supportive spouse. Next, you may be grateful for the beautiful and seeing eyes, the positive memories or the interest you share. It does not matter how big or small something you are grateful for. As long as you create this feeling, you are on the right track.

1. Write notes of appreciation and thanksgiving

You can write thank-you notes for the people you appreciate. Someone who has been by your side during difficult times, someone you admire and who has influenced your life, or someone who needs a little encouragement, are people who can be appreciated.
If you write down grateful thoughts about a person, even if you do not send the note to him, it will create a good and complete feeling in your mind and body. In fact, you have committed a sacrificial act that puts the result first and before sending the message (although if you send the message to that person and see his positive and excited reaction, this effect becomes more and more Will appear in you).

2. Thanksgiving and the self-sacrifice

Another way to practice the gratitude is the self-sacrifice. You can donate some of your savings to a charity or someone who needs it. Buy a coffee for someone behind you or any other work that shows your self-sacrifice to improve the well-being of others. When you do something in the form of the self-sacrifice, you get a sense of togetherness and appreciation, based on which you can have a good and positive impact on someone else’s life.

3. Perform regular Thanksgiving exercises

The important thing to remember is “having stability” and “doing Thanksgiving exercises regularly.” You will feel the benefits of gratitude the moment you do it. However, when you regularly appreciate it, you experience these benefits over and over again. Continuous thanksgiving will have a compounding effect. The gratitude and appreciation you practice today will have a positive effect on you for the coming weeks, and so on. This means that when you practice Thanksgiving in the coming weeks, you will experience the benefits and benefits of gratitude that will have a huge positive effect on your life. Just like a snowball falling on a downhill path, the benefits of Thanksgiving grow bigger and bigger over time, giving you extra power.

4. Dissatisfaction with living conditions and Thanksgiving

One of the questions of gratitude about the current situation is: “How can I be grateful when I am not satisfied with my current situation?” Undoubtedly, when things seem to go wrong, it is not easy to focus on the “good things” and ” Positive points of life”. We know this, and we have encountered it again and again. Of course, that is not a problem; Because we have a great solution for you. This solution is very simple and responds noticeably! It does not matter how big and important your reason for giving thanks is, it just matters the feeling of gratitude and the act of giving thanks. If you have trouble finding a reason to be thankful, first focus on the smaller things that seem insignificant to you. After finding 4 or 5 reasons like this, you will surely understand how the feeling of gratitude grows inside you. By doing this process, you will find more reasons to appreciate.

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