15simple and necessary skills to be happy in life

15simple and necessary skills to be happy in life

Being happy in life can be achieved by practicing and acquiring a few skills. By having close relationships, exercise, positivity, optimism, etc., you can create true happiness in your life.

Being happy in life

1.Find your purpose

We all like to feel that we have made a positive impact on this world. But sometimes, the kind of impact we want to make is unknown. Find out exactly what gives you a sense of purpose and meaning and figure out how you want to pursue it to give your life more meaning. Determine the purpose of your life to experience happiness.
If you don’t know which happiness skills are most challenging for you, how are you going to learn them? It is better to check and find the strengths and weaknesses of your happiness; Gain a better understanding of what these skills are and learn how you can improve your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

2.Protect your relationships

When it comes to overall life satisfaction, relationships are probably the most important thing in life, at least for many people. I’m not saying this as your life coach, but I’m saying this based on numerous studies that show that having a close and intimate group of friends and family in life can help you live a happier and longer life. There is always a debate based on the number of these relationships. I chose 5 because I think it’s average. Surveys show that when someone claims to have 5 or more close friends with whom they can talk about important issues, they are 60 percent more likely to say they are happy in life.
When we are kind to others; We feel better about ourselves. To be happy in life, we can do good things towards others: be empathetic, learn the skills of empathy and co-language and treat each other with respect, establish relationships with kindness and love, or consider the worst!
Do you know when we do things with others we enjoy more? That’s why one of the best things you can do to be happy in life is to create meaningful relationships and social connections. To strengthen these relationships, practice kindness and gratitude towards the people you care about.
Protect your relationships; This is about all relationships, but the most important people and your special audience come first. A lot of evidence shows that many relationships (especially marriages) deteriorate over time. what can be done If you leave your relationships alone, they can become hard and bitter. There are few things worse than breaking up with the person you love! So:
• Keep in touch with your close friends.
• Celebrate the good things in your life.
• Do not see only yourself in your life and work

3.Choose a skill and master it

Progress and excellence in anything increases your potential. As it turns out, being busy with specific abilities and strengths is a great way to feel better about yourself. In other words, to be happy in life you need to find something to master, and do it as much as possible.
I know this is very general, but I hope it is food for thought for all women and men. You can definitely go and try a lot of things, but devoting enough time to one thing to master it completely can be an exceptional and wonderful experience.
Of course, research shows that mastering a skill can be stressful; The researchers found that although the process of mastering something can be stressful, participants in the study reported feeling satisfied when they looked back at their work at the end of the day.

4.Creating balance and overcoming burnout

How are you supposed to feel happy if you are tired of working? Creating and mastering a new skill; Skills that are supposed to help you be happier will take time and energy; Therefore, it is very useful to create a balance between work and life. You should not let your tiredness take you away and leave no room for happiness.

5.Create a growth mindset for happiness

A growth mindset refers to the belief that we can change ourselves. When we create a growth mindset for happiness, we believe that we can change our happiness. This belief is incredibly important, because if we don’t believe we can increase our happiness, we’ll never even try.

6.Make positive memories

Every area of our brain can be strengthened by exercise. If your brain is really strong at recalling negative memories, events, and things, it’s time to start strengthening the parts responsible for remembering positive things. This is one of the most important exercises in the skill of being happy in life. Everything you experience in life can be a major counter-current if you choose to see it as negative. But when you look for the positives in life, you’ll probably be surprised to discover so much goodness. Continue to practice increasing the positive and decreasing the negative to cultivate happiness. Also, this skill is associated with the ability to cope with stress and greater flexibility.
End your negative thought patterns; Let’s be honest; Sometimes we ourselves are the cause of our own misery. We can’t stop thinking about how so-and-so wronged us, or how our lives didn’t turn out the way we thought they would. Negative thought processes, such as worry, rumination, self-judgment, and fear of rejection, only paralyze and paralyze us. When you find yourself thinking negative things, pause for a moment and redirect your thoughts. Soon, your brain will learn to do this on its own. We should practice and learn how to get rid of negative thoughts? Otherwise, we have to play the role of a victim all our lives!

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7.Spend wisely for more happiness

How we decide to spend affects what we can do in life and how happy we are. When we choose a cheaper house or car (things that don’t affect happiness), we have more money to spend on adventures and spending time with friends; (Things that really make us happy.)

8.Pay attention to the good things

Sure, life is hard sometimes. But by focusing on the good, you can face life and be more resilient. When you find the good, live at the moment, and carry it with you to stay happy, even in difficult times. Or try to think of times in the future when you will feel better.

9.Visualize the life you want

Did you know that the brain is unable to distinguish fantasy from reality? So when you imagine something, even happiness, the brain acts exactly as you think. We can use our imagination to find more happiness through a narrow window and enjoy our experiences even more. Sometimes beautiful and pleasant dreams and visualizations also help us to be happy in life, so don’t get too involved in everyday life and realism!

10.What does happiness mean to you?

We all have different definitions of happiness. When you know exactly what happiness means to you, you can find it more easily; So explore happiness: (what does it mean? what does it look like? what does it feel like? … ) to make it easier to create.

11.Speak up and be yourself

We will not be happy when we let others pass us by. But if we assertively stand up for our needs and express ourselves, we will feel more in control in life. Learning to express yourself can help you face interpersonal challenges; Challenges that make you not happy in life.
Always remember this beautiful saying, “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds about events, small minds about people.”
Superficial and short talks destroy your happiness. Although these conversations are necessary to start conversations and ease the discussion, in the long run, your conversations need to be about deeper issues. Deep conversations are often the ones we save for our family and close friends, which is why happiness in life depends on close relationships.

12. Increase your self-confidence

Our self-esteem is a complicated subject, as recent research presents a completely contradictory picture. High self-esteem seems to be linked to being happier, but it can also bring problems.
For example, various studies show that self-esteem that is limited to external achievements can be a debilitating beast. Students who tied their confidence to their grades made only a slight improvement when they received their official acceptance letter, but those who were rejected experienced a hard fall.
In fact, similar findings have been reported for those who base their self-confidence on career achievements or appearance. Conversely, those who do not limit their self-confidence to external achievements experience fewer emotional fluctuations in response to what happens to them, and as a result, have more overall happiness in life.
If you thought you couldn’t, would you even want to learn the skills to be happy in life? No! That’s why it’s important to create self-efficacy in yourself to prove that you can be happier. The best way to do this is to start with simple tasks, skills like gratitude, prioritization or planning, etc. Get quick and small successes to gradually increase your confidence and change your life little by little.

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13.Be busy, but don't rush

It’s easy to say, but not in practice, because while research shows that feeling rushed leads to stress and unhappiness, research also shows that fewer people successfully walk the line between being busy enough and being in a hurry.
It is strange, but business can bring happiness. But research shows that the balance between work and free time is the key to happiness. Because excessive fatigue can be problematic; So look for production and success at a balanced pace.

14.Learn to feel good about yourself and smile

You can’t practice math to learn to cook; And you can’t learn a new language to lose weight! To be more happy in life, you should focus on the abilities that are most related to happiness and those that you can easily improve on.
Laughter is a cure for every incurable pain. This famous and old sentence has been scientifically proven and several books can be written about the effects of laughter on health. Laughter is a wonderful therapy for relieving and reducing stress, boosting mood and even strengthening the immune system of people.
Try to laugh every day. Start a comedy TV series and watch it every day. Short and interesting videos in cyberspace are also very helpful. Prank with your close friends and family and give them the gift of laughter and happiness. Laughing till tears come down your eyes can do wonders.
Even if you have had a rough day or have a heavy schedule in your life, try not to remove laughter and joy from your daily routine. It is these small and positive things that have big and profound results on your life.


No matter how much you hate exercise, you must do it regularly to find happiness in your life. Yes, it’s always hard to start, but if you take the first step with 7 minutes of exercise, it’s enough.
Research shows that 7 minutes of concentrated exercise can have many health benefits.
Walking is always one of the first choices of people in short distances. Traffic and the costs that the use of a taxi or private car imposes on a person are the most important reasons for this choice. But it is better to know that walking is more than a method of transportation.
The effects of walking on general health and fitness are proven and definite. In addition to the physical effects of walking, it also has positive effects on your mood.

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