Release in the law of attraction

Release in the law of attraction

One way to release the most of what you want to achieve is to have what you want, not just to focus on what you are looking for and focus on other things, or in other words, you have other things in your life right now and you enjoy them well. Those who think about to one thing all the time, can not do the release part easily, and therefore it becomes much harder for them to absorb what they want. On the other hand, somebody who is currently having a good time with his current life and has many other things to focus on and think about, can much more easily give up what he wants, and as a result, it will be easier for him to absorb the desires.
Dreams come true when you are not dependent on your goals
Sometimes we become attached to a goal and spend all our time achieving it, and sometimes we may lag behind in other aspects of life, which fills our mental space and prevents any absorption.

If we think too much about a goal, it is because we are afraid of not achieving that goal. One who is sure that he will achieve his goal and also believes in the laws of nature, when he determines his goal, he entrusts it to nature and the universe in the course of his endeavor. In fact, he releases it. This releasing is part of the absorption process.
For example, it has happened to you that you have lost the key category, and you have not found what you were looking for. But when you go about your business and actually give it up, the key is found, and you find it where you never thought about it.
For example, you become attached to a goal (buying a car) and you think that this goal can only be achieved by borrowing money from others, but you asked everyone, and they rejected, and when you saw that no one helped you, suddenly a customer is found for your old piano and buys it at the best price and your lack of money is provided.
Dependence on goals is very dangerous !!!
In fact, by releasing a goal to the universe and the creator of the universe, we entrust its fulfillment to them so that the universe can show that goal to us in the best possible way. Of course, do not forget that the right effort is needed to achieve the goal.
Goal dependence is an obsession, and one of the best ways to treat this obsession is to create new beliefs in the subconscious.

How to release to use the power of mind to achieve dreams?

Research has shown that many couples who have been dreaming of having child for years, when they are disappointed with having a child and accept the status quo. When they no longer expect to have child, they achieve their dreams. You may have seen this among relatives.
The couples have tried a variety of treatments over the years. They have tried every way to have child, but they have not achieved what they want. So what happens when a miracle happens suddenly after surrender? The reason is that they do not depend on their wishes. The reason is the peace that is created in their hearts. A calm heart speeds up the process of achieving a dream with the best quality.
While the human rational mind is limited and makes mistakes. You have to leave the choice to your subconscious mind. The human subconscious is infinite. Without your awareness, it can communicate with all the different factors and send frequencies to the universe according to your mood and personality, your criteria, your feelings. And the universe will make the best choice that can make you happy, depending on the type of frequency it receives from you.
I know many people who have given up their dependence on the solution after becoming acquainted with the law of releasing. They have achieved their desires. I talk to these people a lot. I ask their opinion about their satisfaction. How happy they are. They are all very happy with the result. People have attracted great partners. People have reached their car, house, wealth and other aspirations. They all said that what they achieved through the law of releasing was much better than what they themselves wanted and depended on.
When you release your desires, everything in the universe is active to help you get your desires, which means release in the law of attraction.

How does releasing lead to achieve desire?

All you have to do is give up. Strengthen your beliefs. On the other hand, strictly follow the other rules of success. Because in this world all the laws are interconnected. You have sent exactly what you want to the universe with full specifications. The universe considers all these connections. Your criteria, your beliefs, the rules you have followed in practice, the frequencies you have transmitted. Considers all and examines all available options. It will send you the best option that will make you happy. You suddenly find yourself in an unexpected situation, you get the car you want, the wife of your dreams, the house you love, and every other wish you have tried to achieve.

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