Gratitude leads to true forgiveness

Gratitude leads to true forgiveness

Gratitude makes you a generous human being. All of us human beings in our lives are saddened by the actions of some of the people around us, but our grief may be so deep that we tell him we will not forgive you anymore. When We Deeply Let’s get closer to God and pay attention to the positive qualities of the person we are saddened by, there is no room for sorrow and we subconsciously forgive him.
Thanksgiving is the food of the soul. When your soul is nourished and when you have a close relationship with God, you will no longer be saddened by the servants of God. You may be interested to know that person has no role in upsetting you.
The universe has only returned your negative vibration to you in the form of a person. For example, one day you may have constantly emitted negative thoughts and constantly paid attention to negative things, and the universe has returned these negative things to you in the form of one of your friends and acquaintances.
So if you think positively and pay attention to the positives, no one will upset you anymore and you will become a real Forgiving. God Almighty forgives all of us human beings despite our sins. Because he is pure and clear. Thanksgiving also cleanses you up over time.
The more grateful you are and the more you understand the law of thanksgiving, the more forgiving and peaceful we will be. People who are generous are people whose lives are no longer filled with jealousy, lying, and judgment. But people who do not thank God and are constantly emitting negative energy into the universe will be involved in negative events every day.
If we want to count our blessings, it will be much more than you think. You may say to yourself that I am in a very bad financial situation, but if you look at your life a little, you will see that you have a very good wife and very good children, you have a roof over your head, you have household appliances, you are healthy, you have eyes that The blind like to give their whole life but only to see the world.
You have healthy intestines that many people like to have. You have a healthy heart beating in your chest. Gratitude in general wants to tell you that you will never need more than you need at any given moment.
You can be thankful for what you have now. When life gives you all the reasons to be negative, think of a good reason to think positively. There is always something to appreciate.

Appreciation affects all aspects

Gratitude is defined as a positive emotional response that serves a biological purpose. It is an appreciation of the precious and meaningful things in our lives. Gratitude does not affect only the material part or only the spiritual part or only the emotional part of your life.
Thanksgiving is not about health or a part of your life. Gratitude affects in detail of your life and affects all parts. When you thank God for your health, in addition to not getting sick, other parts of your life are affected.
Because you will subconsciously thank God for other things. Because your tongue and mind accept that you have to thank God for other things. For example, if you are grateful for a healthy family and happy at all times, your subconscious will improve other parts of your life. For example, if you have a problem with your friend, your relationship with him will be good. In fact, all your parts are connected.

The grateful mind never not know things for granted

When you are thankful and thank God for the blessings He has given us since creation, after a while you reach a point where your mind no longer needs to argue for gratitude. When you become a human being whose mind has learned to thank God every moment, in fact, when you make the mind thankful, your mind no longer not know things for granted.
The subconscious mind accepts everything you have entered into with practice and repetition. Closeness to God is the same as closeness to desire. When you get closer to God, when you truly trust in Him, you have actually achieved what you want. Circumstances that you take for granted today may be the only thing you need tomorrow.

The highest form of gratitude is to feel thankful with all your being

You need to be happy on the inside because of the things you are thankful for And feel good. When you just sit in a corner and say the words and have no feelings, not only do you not get closer to God, but you get away from Him.
Your feelings attract desire. Your feelings change your beliefs.
So for everything you give thanks to God, Feel happy and live with it.
For example, if you thank God for the clothes you have and you feel good, wear them and feel happier every time you wear them.
You should pay attention to the things you have at all times, touch them closely, and for example, when you touch your sofa, say happily, “Thank God I have this sofa.” When you walk, say happily, oh thank God I can walk.
When you give thanks, you say to God that I have trusted in you and I thank you for what you have given me. When you accept only God and only thank God and accept Him, you no longer need to trust the servant of God to support you.
God will bring you what you want. God will make you rich. If you trust and say thank God for all that you have given me (say all the blessings) and say that I have relied only on you, you can be sure that everything will come to you. Live with God every moment, every moment with what God has given you, When you are happy even with the Containers you have, God will make you happy by giving you more blessings. You should thank God and be happy when you see everything you have. Your happiness attracts positive events.

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