Happy living techniques

Happy living techniques; 11 simple ways to be happy

Why does someone not have a happy heart with so many properties? Why can’t he live happily? Why is his life without variety? And… these are the questions we have asked ourselves many times; But let’s once again ask this question about ourselves? Why are we not as happy as we should be? Why can’t we enjoy in many situations of life?
Well, the answer to all the above questions, about why we and that rich person are not happy, and at all such a person who does not have a good financial situation, can be summed up in the techniques of living happily! In this article, I will explain to you how we can have a happier and more enjoyable life with the help of simple solutions:

Happy living techniques

Well, first of all, let me tell you a very important thing about happiness: according to the research of scientists, 80% of the good feeling or happiness is formed in the human mind and 20% is determined by the circumstances. This means that two people may be in the same situation, but one of them will enjoy it immensely and the other will feel dissatisfied.
In the following and by studying the techniques of living happily, we will understand this better:

1.Don't tie living happily to anything

It is very important not to tie your happiness to anything. Many people need many external factors in order to live a happy life, and basically they have determined these factors themselves. One person tied his happiness to a top model car, another to buying a house a few hundred meters away, that one to being in a certain weather condition, and even one person thinks that he can be happy with the presence of a certain person in his life.
Considering that 80% of the feeling of happiness is based on our inner feelings and not external conditions, we should not tie it to issues outside of our lives. We should try to enjoy the positive part of our life at every moment.

2.Change yourself!

Well, to be honest, the main headline for this part of the text is to be forgiving! But due to the possibility that many of the audience will skip it and not read it after reading the headline, I preferred to change the text.
One thing is clear in our relationships as humans: when someone behaves badly towards us, and in return, we show him bad behavior and, so to speak, leave his right in the palm of his hand, we feel strong. Maybe it can be called having fun; But let’s take a closer look at this feeling:
When we get what we want, which is revenge, it gives us a false sense of happiness. This feeling is sometimes so attractive that even to share it with others, we explain the matter to others and gain a greater sense of power; But a few questions:
Look at this sense a little better; Is this really what it feels like to be truly happy? Have you noticed that this feeling does not make us happy from the bottom of our hearts at all?!
And the second question: How did you feel those times when you were thinking of taking revenge? Sometimes this time lasts several days, months or even years. You yourself know better that the human feeling in this situation, whatever it is, is not a good and happy feeling.
Therefore, as one of the most key techniques for living happily, I must point to forgiveness. As long as you want to be upset with the earth and time and think about revenge, you will not experience the good and pleasant feeling of happiness as you should.
Look for change, if you are going to repeat the same routine all the time, how is your life going to change? It is very difficult. Instead, push yourself to overcome your fears and embrace life with passion. Try “acting differently” to see what it feels like and make your brain more flexible.
To maintain your happiness, you need to get out of your comfort zone and diversify your happiness plan in life.

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How many times have you experienced the good feeling after helping? I don’t just mean helping the poor. Helping a child of several years to bring down his ball from the top of the tree and then seeing his happy face, helping that old woman who had trouble carrying her things and praying for you under her breath and…
If you make it a habit to help, you’ll get a great feeling from people. Good, positive and appropriate feelings that charge your heart like a strong battery; So, from today, decide with yourself to help those around you every day to live a happier life.

4.Be at the moment

Let’s stop reading this article for a few minutes and look in the past for our worst events and fears. Search and see where in life you were afraid of something? And then check back and see how those big, terrible problems were solved?
We are always afraid of our future. The human mind is built in such a way that in order to reduce risk and dangers, it constantly visualizes and even magnifies things that may pose a risk to him. If we are going to allow the mind to give wings to our fears today, you can be sure that we will lose living happily.
Happiness has no place in life as long as we have great fears about the future. So first of all, to be at the moment and enjoy it, think about your past fears and problems and how they were resolved, then you will realize that there really is nothing to worry about.
The next thing that keeps us away from being at the moment and enjoying is to think too much about the past. I’m sure you have many relatives and friends who say these sentences from time to time: if I had bought that piece of land… if I hadn’t sold that house… as soon as I sold my car and… now let’s ask ourselves:
When they remember these situations in the past, do they feel good? Definitely not!
And the next question: When they remember these issues, will their financial conditions and… improve? Again, the answer is no.
So why feel bad when nothing is going to get better? With this in mind, please don’t live in the past and enjoy the present. Otherwise, you will regret the past days in the years to come.

5.Practice gratitude

Another simple way to be happy is to practice gratitude. At first glance, you may think that this technique is not very good, but you can be sure that after a 1-week period of practice, your view will change drastically.
Accept that all of us humans have many reasons to be thankful in life. By practicing gratitude, we remind ourselves of how much blessing and abundance there is around us. We learn to appreciate these blessings and enjoy them.
But how to practice gratitude? Every morning after waking up, you can write down 5 blessings that you are grateful to God for on a piece of paper or in your mobile notebook. You can also think about the best event of the day every night before going to sleep and thank God for it. I remind you again that until you have done this exercise for a week, please do not judge it.

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6.Try new hobbies

All of us have a set of fixed and regular pastimes. Going to the park, traveling to other cities, swimming pool, etc., one of the techniques to live happily and get out of monotonous life is to try new activities.
See what entertainments you can try according to your time and financial conditions? Stargazing, traveling to interesting and unknown places, group fun, group games, etc. Make a list of these new funs and try them over time.

7.Fulfill old backlogged desires

We all have a series of mental preoccupations and backlogs. For example, since I was a child, I wanted to go to a guitar class, maybe you are interested in a painting class, another person is interested in singing, etc.
When you and I think about these old desires and finally find that we have not achieved them, we feel less happy. With that in mind, make a commitment today to start on the path to achieving one of your long-held desires.
You can sign up for a low-cost painting class to get started, or even make an appointment with a group of friends to learn to sing on your own. In addition to creating a sense of happiness and satisfaction, this has a strong effect on increasing your self-confidence.

8.Have daily time for fun

Choose an interesting and good pastime and set aside time for it on a daily basis starting today. Pay attention that this entertainment should make you feel good first. In the second degree, it is preferable to have fun that can make you grow. In this way, you multiply the good feeling of leisure time.
For example, set aside an hour daily for meditation or yoga. If you like reading books, this is also a good pastime. Reward yourself for all the hard work you put in during the day by setting aside time each day for healthy recreation.

9.Rest enough

Being tired and dull is the opposite of living happily. When you feel very tired because of a lot of work, you can be sure that you will not be able to achieve the feeling of pleasure as you should. Sleeping well is one of the simple ways to be happy. I suggest you sleep at least 7-8 hours in 24 hours a day.

10.Plan and set goals

In general, doing anything that makes a person feel valuable increases the feeling of living happily. Among these tasks is goal setting and, in addition, planning.
When you set goals according to advanced principles and achieve them over time, you gain a great sense of self-worth. In addition, when you can achieve a correct plan after some continuous planning and trial and error, your life will move forward better and more calmly than before and you will feel extremely good.

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11.Avoid bad news

Do you know how many interesting and pleasant things are happening in the world? For example, several thousand trees were planted in one of the African countries, some charities in Europe donated billions to the poor, and several disabled children went to classes with the help of people.
So, which one of these good news have you read or heard on TV, radio or online? None! But what have you heard instead?
In a fatal accident… in a fire incident in the country… in a war… basically, the media has nothing to do with good news, because there is no demand for good news! The media likes to publish marginal news to attract people to their side.
When you spend about 30 minutes of your time in front of the TV and only see bad and sad news, do you expect to be able to experience a happy life? It seems that you should avoid this bad news as much as possible, none of which will help you even the slightest! Start now and block Instagram and Telegram channels and news pages, after that, gradually reduce your TV viewing habit.

The result of the article

Finally and as the last word, as I said at the beginning of the article: 80% of your feeling of satisfaction and happiness is subjective and 20% depends on the conditions; So you are the one who decides 80% of it.
I hope you enjoyed reading the article Happy Living Techniques. Good luck to each and every one of you.

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