6rules of karma in life that you need to know

6rules of karma in life that you need to know

In this section, I want to introduce you to the rules of karma. By applying these rules, you can change your life over time and make huge changes in your life.

1.The law of similarity in karma

The first law of karma is the law of similarity. The law of similarity simply states that everything we do and all our actions and thoughts have consequences. The consequences of our actions, thoughts and actions may be good or bad!
When you cultivate negative thoughts in your mind, it causes negative things to enter your life. When positive thoughts arise in your mind and you focus on the positive points, you send a positive request to the universe and Positive things come into your life.
If you want money and wealth, peace and love, you must treat them exactly like the law of cause and effect. The energy that our thoughts and actions send to the universe may enter your life instantly. According to the law of karma, the universe will bring into our lives what it receives from us. That’s why I focus so much on the law of vibration.
Similarity “What you sow, You harvest”

2.The law of humility in the law of karma

Another law of karma is the law of humility and acceptance. Accepting a positive trait in every person is that you have to accept yourself in any situation, good or bad, and try to improve your current situation. If you have a negative situation, do not focus on it at all. Focusing on the law of attraction and the law of karma in the universe will make you absorb what you have noticed in your life.
According to the law of humility, refusal and Defiance of accept anything prevents its progress. As a result, you must first accept the existing conditions so that you can change it. Experts also say that the law of humility is based on the principle that you must be humble enough to accept that your current situation is the result of actions you have taken in the past. For example, if you blame your co-workers for their poor performance at work, you have to admit that you caused the problem by your misbehavior.

3.The law of growth and karma

The only thing you can control in your life is yourself. Growth starts from within you. In order to be able to grow in your life and change your life completely, you have to control yourself. Controlling yourself early on can be difficult, but over time, by working on yourself, you can make a difference.
According to the law of karma, in order to grow, you must change yourself so that your circumstances change. You can not change your circumstances and surroundings without changing yourself. So first you have to change yourself to change all your circumstances like your financial situation, relationships and health. The law of karma states that “your world changes when you change yourself.”
To shape the world positively, you have to start with yourself. According to the law of growth, you have to let go of things that are out of your control. You need to focus on yourself, not on the people or things around you.
No one can change the people or circumstances around them. Letting go of things that are not in your control makes it easy to accept reality and relax.
Real change only happens when you commit to change what is in your heart and soul.

4.The law of responsibility and karma

In whatever situation you are in and every issue and even every problem has arisen in your life, you must take responsibility for it. When your life is in turmoil and good things are not happening to you, it is because you are in turmoil from within. In order to be able to change your situation and life, you have to completely change your mental frameworks and correct your thoughts.
Everything that has happened in your life, you have to accept responsibility and according to the law of karma, you have to accept that everything that has happened in your life is the result within yourself. So take full responsibility for your living conditions and change yourself completely.
Everyone should be responsible for their own behavior, speech, actions and emotions. The liability law reminds you that what happens to you is due to your own behavior and you should not blame others. You have a commitment in life to do things and their consequences. This gives you the opportunity to look for the cause of the problems in yourself. Commitment to doing something means that you accept the consequences of your decisions and possible mistakes. Adherence to this principle of the law of karma will enable you to perform your duties in life in the best possible way.

5.The law of beliefs

Another branch of the law of karma and the law of attraction is the law of beliefs. The reason many people are familiar with our law of attraction and our labor law but cannot achieve their desires is because they do not believe. When you do not believe something, you will never achieve it.
According to the law of beliefs, you build your whole life based on the beliefs you have. To see if your beliefs are true or not, you have to look at your current situation. If your situation is good, it is because of the correct beliefs you have. For example, if your financial situation is good, your financial beliefs are correct. If your relationship is good, it is a sign of your beliefs.
Human beliefs are divided into two categories: limiting beliefs and positive beliefs. To see if your beliefs about things are good or not, you need to pay attention to your feelings. If you have a good feeling about the subject, it is a sign that your beliefs about the subject are good. But if your feelings are bad about something, it is a sign of your limiting beliefs.
In order to be able to completely change your current situation and achieve your desires and goals, you must change your beliefs. But you do need time to change your beliefs, which means that it can take several months if you try to change your limiting beliefs.
To change your beliefs, you need to take time every day and work on new beliefs so that new and positive beliefs can replace limiting and negative ones. There are many ways to change beliefs. To change your beliefs, you can use emphatic expressions, mental imagery and creative visualization, and change your beliefs over time.
But you may ask how beliefs came into being in our lives.Beliefs Are created based on your thoughts .When a topic is repeated thousands of times or even millions of times in your mind,Your belief is created in the subject that is repeated in your mind.
For example, if you think that in order to get rich, you definitely need a higher education degree, and this thought is constantly repeated in your mind, it creates this limiting belief in your mind, and when this belief is created, in order to become rich and prosperous. You must have a high degree. In order to change this belief, you must constantly repeat the opposite thought in your mind so that your belief changes over time.

6.The law of vibration in the law of karma

Another law of karma is the law of vibration. According to the law of attraction, your mind is the receiver and transmitter of vibration.
When the universe receives a vibration, they bring it into your life, willingly or unwillingly, according to the vibration they received. The vibrations you send to the universe are sent based on your thoughts. When you think of anything, you are vibrating it to the universe.
When you pay attention to poverty , it is a sign that you are sending a vibration of poverty to the universe. The universe will bring the conditions of poverty into your life according to the vibration of the poverty they have received from you.
The law of vibration is a very important principle in the law of attraction of the universe, and I advise you to learn this important law completely and apply it in your life. Rest assured that if you can control the input of your mind, send a positive vibration to the universe, the results will be amazing and your living conditions will change completely. There are many ways to control the input of your mind, for example you can use positive affirmations, creative visualization and mental imagery.

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