What is self-love and how to love ourselves?

What is self-love and how to love ourselves?

Do you know the root of stress and anxiety?
That every person cannot establish a romantic relationship with himself.
Of course, when there is self-love, all other types of love such as love for mother, father and child will also exist. This love is rooted in the creation of the universe, whose origin is divine and heavenly love, and the manifestation of this beautiful love in human existence ends with self-love. Therefore, self-love is a completely human category and has a very beautiful and pleasant meaning. All human efforts and achievements consciously and unconsciously happen around the axis of self-love, which can start from human selfishness and lead to narcissism.
Whatever human does, he wants to fulfill his needs. Even if he fulfills the needs of another human being in a move, it is because of his own selfishness and narcissism that the satisfaction of human needs removes him from suffering and gives him pleasure.

what exactly is self-love

But in the wide spectrum between selfishness and narcissism, where can we find self-love, which is a very sacred word, and if both selfishness and narcissism are condemned in our literature, how suddenly in this spectrum, self-love, which is the manifestation of God’s love, It manifests and gives a person a sense of divinity and godliness.
Yes, self-love has been the cause of all human developments throughout history. If it were not for self-love, mankind would have no motivation for its growth and excellence, and it was not clear how the fate of mankind would be determined throughout history until today. If all the scientific and technological advancements of mankind were due to the element of self-love, then this is a very important factor and a very strong shortcut that we can find all our unknowns and desires through self-love. And to use all the scientific and technological achievements of mankind to discover the secret of self-love and make it a motivation to improve our lives in today’s world. Really, can self-love be a new discovery and a new shortcut for us in today’s world so that we can open a new chapter in the history of our lives and write the book of our lives in a different way by using all scientific resources?
Maybe with this new discovery, we can put a salve on all the mental pains of mankind, such as depression and anxiety, and give him peace. Because of his negligence, human beings are engaged in self-harm in many times, and maybe we can help people by inspiring the concepts of self-love to put down this whip of self-harm and love themselves and experience a peaceful and romantic life. Yes, Self-love is one of the magical human algorithms in the mathematics of life.
Self-love is the secret of success of great people in the world. Self-love is a valuable shortcut to peace, health, riches and human achievements. Self-love is an elixir to communicate with the entire universe of God and absorb all wealth and achievements.
Yes, love yourself. When you don’t love yourself, it means that you think you are not the person you should be or you don’t have the conditions you should have! For example, sometimes your appearance is not important to others and they do not pay attention to your appearance, but it is you who constantly judges yourself and thinks that your appearance is not desirable for others.

Photo of a girl who made a heart with her hands A photo of a boy hugging himself A photo of a girl who drew a heart on the sand and sat inside it A photo of a girl who jumps in the air very cheerfully A picture of the hands of a person who has made his hands in the shape of a heart.

what does self-love consist of

You may not like your character! Maybe you often compare yourself with others.
If you don’t like your imperfections, change them and fix them, and if you can’t, accept them and never pay attention to them again.
You have to love yourself unconditionally and be in love with yourself, this is very important.
If you don’t love yourself, you can’t manage your life. Self-love means accepting yourself unconditionally, forgiving yourself and respecting who you are.
When you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others, and this negative feeling of yours spreads to others and spoils their feelings towards you.
When you don’t love yourself, you can’t live a beautiful and productive life. There are misconceptions that call self-love a form of selfishness. And this view has caused us to pay less attention to our inner voice and this issue has cost us victimization most of the time. In general, claiming to love others without loving yourself will be an empty and illusory claim. The first step in loving yourself is accepting yourself unconditionally. When you take this step, that’s when you can improve your weaknesses.
Self-love and self-love do not mean pride and selfishness. Self-love means accepting yourself and accepting yourself. You must love yourself unconditionally. A person who loves himself does not need the approval of others. Human worth is not determined by others. You have value and you deserve to be loved because of your value. If you only rely on others to confirm your value, this value belongs to others, not yours!
In other words, human value is not determined by others. You have value and you deserve to be loved because of your value. If you only rely on others to confirm your value, this value belongs to others, not yours!
In self-love, you don’t despise others, but you only accept your differences from others.
If selfishness is actually a kind of pretense of self-love and humiliates and belittles others.
You must first love yourself and be proud of yourself, so that others can be proud of you. Therefore, instead of blaming yourself every moment, you should take a step towards growth and excellence with a beautiful feeling and good mood.

If you love yourself
You will have more tolerance against your failures and weaknesses.
You will find higher self-confidence.
You will forgive yourself more easily.
You will get rid of self-destructive thoughts and have a healthier way of thinking.
You will perform better in setting a goal for life and achieving it.
You will be able to comfort yourself better than others.
You will experience better personal relationships.
You will attract friends who are worth being friends with you.
You will have a brighter efficiency in the work environment.
You will be more calculated in communicating with others.
You will experience more joy and pleasure in life.
You will become a creative and lively person.
You will make choices that are healthier and wiser.
You will have access to more opportunities.
You will be away from depression and anxiety and you will experience higher mental health.
Self-love is not something that is inherent in you or is inspired to you, but you have to practice and work hard to learn it. You should be on the path of learning the skill of self-love.

How to love ourselves?

To start, if you take the following recommendations seriously, you will definitely achieve good results:

1-Consciously say no!

Practice saying no. Say no to the negative comments of others and replace those comments with a positive statement full of self-love.
You will hear a lot of negative comments, some of it from others and most of it you will unknowingly say to yourself. Inevitably, sooner or later you’ll be told in some way that you’re not thin enough, you don’t have a pretty face, you’re not attractive enough, or you’re not allowed to make mistakes. Such statements, whether they have been told to you by others or you have said them to yourself, will pollute your mental image of yourself. Practice saying no; Say no to such negative comments and replace them with a positive statement full of self-love.

2-Be your best friend and companion!

You are with yourself all the seconds of the day and night! So you shouldn’t spend these seconds blaming yourself. It will be very painful. I suggest you treat yourself as you would your best friend. In other words, be kind to yourself.
If you talk to others in the same tone that you are talking to yourself now, you will not have any friends left. You spend 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with yourself and spend days full of happiness and sadness with yourself, so it is not far from being expected to be your own best friend. We recommend treating yourself as you would your best friend. For this purpose, you must consciously change the type of relationship with yourself. We suggest asking yourself these questions:
How close are you to yourself?
Do you talk to yourself the same way you give motivational speeches to your best friend?
Do you take time to entertain yourself?
Do you stand next yourself and hold your hand when things go wrong?
If your answer to the above questions is negative, it is undoubtedly time to stop wasting time and become your own best friend.

3-Think about failures with a different look!

Failures are levers for your successes. You should not feel guilty. You should not be angry after failure. Instead of feeling guilty and angry, you should look at failures as an opportunity for personal growth and development. When you face a failure, think about what caused such a failure to happen? Where did you go wrong that this happened?
Behind every failure, there is a lesson that by discovering it, you can go through the path to growth and success even faster than before.
Instead of considering feelings of guilt, jealousy, anger, fear and sadness as an unfortunate event, we suggest that you look at them as an opportunity for personal growth and development. When you face a failure, instead of getting angry and blaming yourself, think about what caused such a failure to happen? Where did you go wrong that this happened? Such an attitude considers failure not as a negative point, but as a lever for growth. Behind every failure, there is a hidden lesson that by discovering it, you can go through the path to growth and success even faster than before. So, appreciate your failures!

Written( belive in yourself)

4-Take care of your physical health!

Your body will be with you throughout your life, so take care of it. When you exercise, when you sleep well, when you eat healthy and properly, a direct and powerful message is sent to your subconscious mind with the theme that you are important and deserve to be loved.

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