NLP Defaults

NLP presuppositions show us the thinking and lifestyle of successful people.
When each of us puts these presuppositions into a strong belief, we notice dramatic behavioral changes in our lives.

Some of the most important NLP defaults are:

1.Having a plan does not necessarily mean achieving a goal.

This assumption tells us that each of us makes decisions based on what we have learned in the past, and we think that if we plan well, we will achieve our goals, but the reality is something else.
NLP shows us that having a clear plan does not necessarily lead us to the goal. Because the beliefs that have shaped this goal may be fundamentally wrong. By the way, according to this NLP default, the map that works for us may not work for someone else, because he also has unique views.

2.Every behavior has a useful and positive purpose.

This NLP assumption implies that all the behaviors and habits we have now are due to the beneficial and positive intentions that exist in our subconscious mind, even if we do not like that behavior. For example, a person who smokes and has decided to quit many times but has not succeeded, is because of a useful purpose for the unconscious.
For example, in childhood, the belief was formed in him that smoking causes a feeling of power or independence, and now, no matter how hard he tries to quit smoking, his subconscious mind does not allow him to do so. Because the subconscious mind is very powerful and does everything to maintain this useful and positive purpose (of course, in its own right). NLP techniques help a lot in discovering useful purposes and convincing the subconscious to make the changes we want.

3.To achieve the goal, the conscious and the unconscious must be in line

This NLP presupposition implies that we make a decision by the power of thought and will (conscious conscience) and move towards our goal, but in order to succeed, the subconscious mind or the emotional part of our being must agree with this decision, otherwise after We become unmotivated for a while and leave the goal.

4- There are enough resources for solutions in everyone.

According to this premise, NLP is the root of all change in every person. Experience, knowledge, skills, learnings, and را all form unlimited resources that can be used in a timely manner and when faced with problems.
These precious resources are in the subconscious part of the mind and are accessible whenever needed. From the NLP perspective, we are responsible for our own behavior.
When we can not achieve a goal, we may blame others and blame them or even make the situation unfavorable, while we are primarily responsible for ourselves.
NLP techniques and exercises in this field help us to realize our abilities and capacities on the one hand and to use these abilities in the best possible way on the other hand.
NLP believes that no one can influence us unless we want to.

5- Mind and body affect each other. (85% of physical pain and illness is rooted in mental illness)

This NLP premise emphasizes that mind and body are perfectly interconnected. When we are not in a good physical condition and, for example, we may have a cold, we become mentally disturbed.
If you are pay attention, many worries, stresses, distractions, and the like come to us more often when we are tired.
The mind also completely affects the body. Today, it has been proven that the root cause of more than 85% of physical illnesses is due to mental problems in humans.
In NLP, there are many techniques to enhance both physical and mental health to achieve this coordination between body and mind.

6.If someone did something, so can you.

NLP’s premise is to imitate successful people NLP realized that talent does not play a big role in people’s success, and if an ordinary person can emulate successful people in their field, he or she can achieve the same success.

7.Be flexible in life.

Flexibility means having different and varied ways to reach a goal, that is, if you do not reach the destination in one way, do not insist too much! Change your way. It is a very strong belief among all professions that one should be flexible in all aspects of life.
Under this NLP default, you are not flexible if you currently have only one source of income or have invested all your money in one area.
How do you know if you could not continue your current job for any reason, what would you do if you went bankrupt? Do not put all eggs in one basket!
Be sure to take the time to think about this. Flexibility must be observed in all areas of life, from relationships between couples to raising children, doing business, making unexpected decisions, and so on.

8.There is no failure and everything is an experience.

You have to believe that failure never exists and that any failure can be considered a valuable experience on the path to growth.

NLP is a shortcut way

We all know that lifestyles are completely different these days than in the past. The needs have become more diverse and as a result we have to move faster to meet those needs. The number of important decisions we have to make at different stages of life has also increased.
All of this means that the possibility of tension, turmoil, confusion, lack of time, fear and all kinds of destructive emotions is increasing day by day. So we need a tool that is effective in the current living conditions on the one hand and saves time, energy and costs on the other hand, and NLP is exactly the tool that the global community needs today.

How does NLP shorten the path?

The following three reasons are some of the most powerful factors NLPs that save time, energy and money:

1- NLP go after to the heart of the matter
All nlp exercises, techniques and trainings affect the 95% subconscious, the very center of planning. Nlp does not seek advice and marginalization and goes directly to the amazing treasure of the mind that is the place of our long-term memory. That is why NLP is called the science of rapid and lasting change.

2-NLP is very flexible. 
To solve the same problem in 10 different people, you have to know 10 solutions.” Milton Erickson
It is good to know that any nlp technique can be used in different cases, as long as we have sufficient mastery in performing that technique.

3-NLP focuses on the solution, not the problem.
NLP seeks to solve problems by changing the programmed patterns of the mind.
NLP only seeks to provide necessary and efficient solutions.

What are the benefits and effects of NLP?

1- Identify the structure of the mind and how to plan it.
NLP scrutinizes the structure of the mind and how we receive and encode different information in our minds. Familiarity with mental structures in NLP is a strong basis for using various NLP techniques and exercises in deep programming of the subconscious mind.

2-The attitude of geniuses and professionals to the world and the environment around them.
NLP, like a valuable guidebook, provides us with the patterns and lifestyles of successful professionals in a variety of fields. These patterns have been extracted after detailed research on these geniuses, and institutionalizing each of them in their own existence is considered as a very important step in changing the lifestyle in the right way.

3-Effective communication skills with others.
One of the most important benefits of nlp is the training of verbal and non-verbal skills with an approach of influencing the mind of the audience and gaining their trust. NLP techniques in effective communication, quickly create a good feeling on the other side and also contribute to the deep understanding of the two sides.

4- Quick replacement of negative images of the mind with positive images.
In this case, there are various methods and techniques that can be used to replace the positive image instead of negative images, change the way of mind planning and align with our desires.

5-Rapid stress and anxiety relief techniques. 
In this part, exciting NLP exercises and techniques cause temporary relief from temporary stress, constant anxiety, and powerful mind planning to deal with difficult and unpredictable situations in order to stay calm and in control.

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