The law of attracting a Spouse

The law of attracting a Spouse

Today we want to take a look at the process of attracting a wife and how to attract an ideal wife. When you learn to be happy, you realize that according to the law of attraction everything you attract depends on your feelings and thoughts, you look for things that keep you feeling good.
So far, everything is going well, but when you worry about finding a wife, or you constantly think about where to find an ideal wife, and worst of all, you always think that it’s time for me to get married, this worry is over. It causes you not to find your ideal pair.
If you are looking for an ideal spouse or if you are without a spouse, you have a task. You should have thoughts about your relationship that make you feel good. If you emit the vibration of lateness and worry, you have closed the doors to the ideal partner. Your ideal spouse is not meant to be created. He is there and he is waiting for you, you just have to respond to his invitation. How? feeling good

What should we do now?

I hear this question a lot. Now I want to give the most complete answer to it.
1-Right now, reduce your discomfort due to not having an ideal spouse. Don’t think about it at all. How?
Think about the beautiful things you have. The brain can only focus on one thing at a time. In this way, by raining positive thoughts, you will not give chance to negative thoughts.
Enjoy your current life as much as possible. Enjoying attracts more pleasure.2
3- Make a list of good things, and praise yourself. This will increase your confidence. Confidence is the basis of everything. If you don’t have it, don’t expect much from the events of life.
4- Focus on positive things. Changing bad thoughts to good ones responds very well with the law of attraction in creating positive and powerful vibrations. Release all your negative thoughts. For example, “Maybe I can’t find someone,” “Why don’t other people see the good in me?” And “No one loves me.” You have many good qualities that can attract the love and attention of anyone
Others will notice and know your strengths. There is love around you. Invite it to yourself. When you accept that and focus on the positive, you change your vibration and open the door to the law of attraction in marriage. In this way, you will call your dream wife to you and get her.

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5-Experience love in yourself first. Pay attention to ignoring what others think about you, what a good person you are or how lovely you are! In fact, you don’t need someone else to love you, you just have to love yourself. This is the basis of the law of attraction and marriage.
Self-love gives you so much self-confidence that it will bring you wonderful results. The result is attracting the love of others. It is impossible to resist your high and strong self-confidence and self-esteem, and others will be attracted to you whether you like it or not.
6-Appreciate the contrast and let the law of attraction in marriage do its work. First, be happy about who you are and what you have. You have sent your order, now forget about other things you want and be happy in the moment. It means to be happy despite the distance between you and what you want, if you can be happy in the moment, the things you want will enter your life, especially the person you love.
7-Let the person go. The marriage attraction law has a plan for you. This is one of the most difficult stages of attracting a spouse through the law of attraction. You know you want that person, but now they are telling you to let them go. Ridiculous, isn’t it? But the law of attraction for marriage only works when you can be happy even if you are not with the desired person. As long as you are not like this, a part of you will resist and will not allow you to achieve your desire.
From the point of view of the law of attraction, attracting a dream mate or half-lost depends on who you really are.
It is necessary that you first love and close your heart to your true personality (who you are now) and be happy with what you are and be proud of yourself, then a wife who is suitable and desirable for you in every way will be attracted to you. because your energy and his energy both move in the same direction. Your intended partner may be looking for someone who is happy, confident, loving, interested in life, funny, lovable, etc., and the more time you spend improving these qualities (perhaps before meeting him), he can be attracted to you and find you faster.

A boy and a girl who are running hand in hand in the wheat field very cheerfully

So, to use the law of attraction for marriage, you must:

1-Become aware of your good abilities and cultivate them.
2-This kind of universe can find the person you constantly imagine in your dreams as soon as possible among all the people who are on your life path and guide her to your life.

The Lord of the worlds, the source of energy and the universe, is already aware of your inner dreams and knows what you are most inclined to achieve, but as we have always said:
1-You must repeat your heart’s desire over and over again.
2-You must describe your request in all its details.
3-Focus on it for hours.

The answer of the energy source of the universe to any request from you is possible in 3 ways:

Yes! Let me know what you want.
Yes, you will get what you want, but now the right position has not arrived.
Yes, but I have something better than this request in mind for you!

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In this way, by asking the universe and imagining and dreaming of your half-lost features, you can attract the most worthy person as a spouse.
A person who suits you in every way. In the following: Start taking action to make your dreams come true. Research and study any characteristics of your future spouse that you are not aware of. Imagine yourself living with someone with these characteristics, spend a few hours of your time.
Write down the exact details of the day you spent with your ideal spouse in your mind, these details should be as accurate as if you were writing memories, you should have visualized everything correctly and accurately. Then look for a way that can make your dream come true.
Don’t wait all your life for your dream wife to come to you, probably your future wife is waiting for you right now and you are supposed to find her. At the same time, start making a list of positive qualities of people that you really want your partner to have.
You can add to your list the positive characteristic of any person you like and have constantly admired. Explain in your list why you would like your wife to have this quality.
Dear friends and followers of, know that when you live in the present moment and are happy and your attention is on beauty and positive points, you will always get the best. be happy.

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