Do not underestimate the frequency of thought

It has actually been a long period of time considering that researchers verified the regularities of ideas. The truth that every concept has its regularity is nothing new. Yet the majority of the time we do not utilize the regularity of our ideas effectively. Ideas are very effective. Due to the fact that at every minute it sends out magnetic signals to bring incomparable ideas.
The important point is to duplicate an idea, that is, to continually propagate a regularity to the universe.
Our thoughts are not physical, however, they can create all the physical points they have.
This is a remarkable power, but the majority of people do not know exactly how to utilize it, so they use it versus themselves.
For instance, the ideas we have resemble, I inform myself (whenever I have cash, my money is lost swiftly and I can not conserve).
Not many individuals recognize that we are producing our world as well as our lives with our ideas. So understand that thoughts are not transient and also unreasonable, as well as the correct, as well as planned use thoughts, can be the most effective destination for you.

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Accept the realities of your life

The character and life situations we have now are the outcome of thoughts we have had in the past. This is extremely excruciating for individuals who do not accept as well as do not take responsibility for their actions. Because all their lives they are searching for those that will ruin the shortcomings and failures of life. If we intend to compare the impact of life base and also the dimension of our role in the structure and also changing our globe, we come across an astonishing number.
The effect of out-of-control conditions on our lives is about one percent. And also our duty and also influence have to do with 99%, and also currently the question emerges regarding what modification we have actually made in our lives with our 99% strength. The majority of us have shown ourselves to be so weak that an unmanageable portion of our whole lifetime. And it has actually expanded to the point where we believe we have no say in identifying our own life story.
Since we are aware of this, let us accept our function in our lives and also take complete duty for our own lives. Initially, it might seem hard to you, yet it seems like the silkworm cocoon that has liberty and freedom for the butterfly and a fantastic world. Also awaiting you.

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Magical times to imagine

Imagining dreams and desires along with having a good feeling are very effective and fruitful. Two magical times during the 24 hours of the day imagining these times can be many times more effective. One of these times is minutes before going to bed at night and the other time is the first minutes after waking up in the morning. Because the human mind analyzes the image you had all night long and makes it clearer and brighter for you.
In a way, during this period, it finds easier and more practical ways to achieve it.
Imagination in the early minutes of the morning also motivates you to work hard and purposefully and powerfully to continue living, and a great morning and a lively day with hope will follow.
At this time, you can do your photography calmly and have a good night’s sleep, and also wake up in the morning with vigor and freshness and start your day, and you no longer need to take your time to take pictures at another time of the day put.

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What is the fuel of the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is like an engine that does not start at all without fuel. Fuel is the law of attraction of feeling. The purpose of imagining the determination of a desire, believing and believing in it to do things to align with your desire, is only to achieve the feeling of pleasure of having that desire. Emotion is very important and valuable in the law of attraction because the language of the universe is emotion and the universe speaks to us in the language of emotion. In life, what emerges for us is what we feel, not what we constantly think about.
Our emotions guide our thoughts and help us know what we are absorbing into our lives.
When we think of something or create a scene in our mind, we are arousing our emotions and we are physically absorbing that scene.
We know that the universe does not care whether our thoughts are good or bad and that it only does more and more for us whatever we command.
Therefore, if with this thought and illustration, a good feeling, peace, and pleasure are created in us, our life will be full of positive and great events. It is as if the gate of wealth and happiness has been opened for us.
But if these thoughts make us feel bad and anxious, many negative and worrying things will happen to us.
Use your feelings like a traffic light. To do this, you must control your thoughts and do not allow negative thoughts and thoughts to enter so that you do not feel bad about anything.
(Remember that it is the emotions that create the attraction, not the idea or thought of what you want)
The idea of what you want should be strong and clear enough that you feel needless.

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