What is the science of happiness and what is its importance?

What is the science of happiness and what is its importance?

Have you ever thought about what is the science of happiness and what is its importance in life? Although happiness may seem like a nebulous concept, the science of it is just as key to the experience. What decisions, activities and thoughts bring us satisfaction. Also, common misunderstandings about happiness and the theories discovered in this field that explain the origin of good mood are all among the topics of the science of happiness.
Does having different options to choose from increase happiness?
It seems reasonable to believe that having different options to choose from leads to better results. But if the number of options ahead is very high, the person will be stressed in making a decision. Because he may constantly think about the opportunities he misses.
Are lottery winners happier people?
According to the science of happiness, many who win the lottery not only don’t feel happier than their peers. Rather, as a result of extravagance, dealing with legal matters and living with those who demand a part of their property, some of them gradually become sad and withdrawn people.
However, research shows that when these people spend their money on basic needs or have a more balanced use of it, they feel more secure, happier and happier.

The theory of the science of happiness

As you know, positive psychology is a school of thought dedicated to understanding the factors that lead to the growth of individuals and societies. Based on the science of happiness, it has been proven that five factors increase health, which you can see below.
• Feeling positive
• participation
• Relationships
• meaning
• Achievement

What is meant by happiness?

According to research on the science of happiness, we are all born with a certain amount of happiness or a certain level of happiness. This is the reason why usually after experiencing success or tragedy, we gradually adapt ourselves to new conditions. But our emotions return to the same level of emotional health that we are genetically predisposed to.
Is it possible to change the level of happiness based on the science of happiness?
According to the science of happiness, commitment, sympathy and altruism help to change the level of happiness. Because this feature is directly related to the increase in life satisfaction.
Helping others also makes a person happier. Because it raises self-esteem, increases the existential value of a person. These behaviors also give a deeper purpose and meaning to life.
When people reach a turning point in their life, they feel very happy. For example, buying a new car or getting a salary increase that increases happiness are among these milestones.
But some time after these milestones, this feeling of happiness will reach the same level of initial happiness. This situation is known as pleasure treadmill fuel. That is, the person constantly thinks that the “next change” will make him happier. But note that according to the science of happiness, diversity and gratitude can play an effective role in feeling pleasure and happiness and keep a person away from extravagance.

A tree that symbolizes love and happiness and its leaves are small purple hearts

What is the relationship between happiness and health?

Happiness and health are inseparable. In the belief of the majority of people, health and happiness are the two main pillars of a good life. These two categories are more closely related than you think. Therefore, understanding their dependence is not an easy task. But there is no doubt that the connection between happiness and health is very strong and stable.
The connection between happiness and health and the physical benefits of happiness
By examining the relationship between happiness and health, researchers have confirmed the effect of happiness on specific aspects of health, such as the immune response to the virus or longevity.
The relationship between happiness and health is very close. Hence, it is difficult to determine the path between health and happiness. The question is:
• Does a happy person have better physical condition and stronger relationships that benefit his health?
• Does dealing with a chronic disease cause bad mood?
Researchers are trying to answer these questions. But determining this path with absolute certainty will always be challenging.
Happiness is associated with a range of physical health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke, a stronger immune system, and even longer life. Positive emotions caused by happiness are also directly related to lower risk of injury and damage in young people and lower risk of disability in the elderly.
Happiness is directly related to longer life. On average, people who have stronger feelings of happiness and comfort live longer than people who have weaker feelings, and this effect exists in both men and women.
The connection between happiness and health cannot be ignored in any field. Happiness also plays an effective role in strengthening the immune system and helps prevent diseases and reduce the severity of their symptoms.
For example, in a group of people who were exposed to the flu and corona virus, people who usually had more positive emotions got sick less. The same thing happened to those whose happiness levels were deliberately raised before exposure to the virus.
There are several theories to explain how happiness affects health. According to one of these theories, positive emotions lead to positive behaviors and changes such as exercise, sleep, a nutritious diet, experiencing supportive relationships, and coping skills. Another theory is that positive emotions work to reduce anxiety and its harmful effects on the body.

How does health affect happiness?

The relationship between happiness and health overlaps widely. But health can also affect the level of happiness and comfort. The foods we eat, the exercise we do, and the illnesses we deal with all contribute to the sense of happiness we experience.
There are various hypotheses for the connection between health and happiness. According to some research, when people take better care of themselves, they feel happier.
Some studies also show that people who are healthier have a more positive outlook on life. However, according to the results obtained from other research, the presence of a background factor such as genetics or personality has a more effective role in how happiness and health are related.
Why do I feel happy after exercise?
Exercise forces the body to produce endorphins and enkephalins , pain-reducing and pleasure-enhancing hormones. These chemicals are responsible for the euphoric feeling after running. Additionally, exercise takes our focus away from everyday worries and hurtful conversations and directs us to spend time outdoors or with others.

The impact of small things on happiness
Feeling happy is one of the most enjoyable feelings we experience in life. Maybe you think to yourself that you have to do big and hard things and achieve great success to be happy. It is better to know that this thinking about feeling happy is wrong and incorrect.
Feeling happy is one of the feelings that has a positive effect on a person’s motivation and reduces the possibility of depression in a person. Also, this feeling can increase hope in a person and be his driving force in completing unfinished tasks. Doing these things can also increase the feeling of being happy.
To experience this pleasant feeling, you can get help from small things. Paying attention to the small and important points that you face every day is very important and effective, along with gratitude for these issues. There are also very simple things that if you do, you will be on the path to a happy and joyful life.
Are you eager to receive this feeling in your life? Do you want to increase the quality of your life by experiencing this feeling? In the following, we will help you achieve all your desires and goals by experiencing the feeling of happiness in your life.

What is the feeling of being happy and when is it achieved?

The feeling of being happy is a feeling that we always strive to experience in order to be aware of being happy. If we diet, we want to experience happiness by achieving our ideal body. If we strive for our favorite field or career, the most important reason is the good feeling we experience after achieving these goals.
Such goals that we consider for our lives and are trying to achieve, have a result beyond what we see and receive. The results we have in mind are spiritual results that cannot be measured with any line.
The most important spiritual result, which is the basis of other positive emotions, is the feeling of being happy. This feeling, by increasing the person’s ability to bear the problem and hope for the future in him, is the driving force for continuing life and the path he has planned for it in advance.
Now the question that arises is how to achieve this important and attractive feeling. For each person, there are different triggers in the path of experiencing happiness, but we can generally point to the effective ones in this path.
One of the most interesting points is feeling happy because of small and insignificant things. Maybe we pay less attention to these issues, but the impact of small things in feeling happy is huge. Never underestimate these issues and try to pay enough attention to it.
Being aware of this effect makes you able to receive the necessary positive and effective feeling from your surroundings and small details and always be happy, and full of energy.

The relationship between small things and being happy

Small things awaken a sense of happiness in you in a way that you do not expect. You expect to be happy if you buy your favorite car. You expect to be happy if you progress in your career and double your salary.
All these conditions make you expect to be happy, but how much do you expect to be happy from a message? Or do you think that eating an ice cream can change your day? Or what positive effect does playing with a cat have on your mood? Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing a stranger smile in the crowd?
Life is always beautiful with all its difficulties and ups and downs. You just need to change your perspective on life and see its positive points. The goodness and beauty of life cannot be counted and are always around us. Open your arms to enjoy the little things in life so you can enjoy the happiness they bring you.
Try to recognize and pay attention to the positive points in your daily life. In the life of all of us there are things that may be normal for us but are an unattainable dream for someone else. Maybe it’s something that we haven’t tried to have, but others try to have it morning and night and sleepless.
Discover these positive features in your life, pay attention to them and be grateful for having them. Being grateful and aware of the positive things in your life is the first step to finding happiness in the little things.

What should we do to be happy?

You are not supposed to climb a mountain or win a Nobel Prize to be happy. Stop comparing yourself to others and accept yourself as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses. No person is ideal and 100% flawless and definitely has weaknesses. This truth is also true about people’s lives.
In your life, recognize the positives and the small or big things that exist. With enough knowledge about these topics in life, you feel valuable and you can simply enjoy them. As a result, you can feel happiness in your life.

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