Thanksgiving involves receiving

Thanksgiving involves receiving

The word gratitude includes receiving, which means that you receive from the universe just as you give thanks.
For example, if you are grateful for the laptop you have or if you do not have a laptop, but you like to have a laptop and you keep telling yourself that thank God I have a laptop, that is, you use the present tense, like the laptop you want. Get it from the universe, or you might Receive the same laptop from the universe. That is, the universe brings a laptop into your life. This is just a small example of the law of gratitude. You may want a big house but you are a tenant now, you can use that phrase. Thank God I lord a big house. This phrase causes the universe to give you a house and make you the owner of a big house. Of course, gratitude, belief, the law of attraction and hope, along with effort, will get you what you want sooner.
Should when yourself from the inside You made Start moving. If you do not build inside and start moving, you will not succeed. Suppose the inside is a seed. When you plant a seed and water it constantly, that seed grows at the same time as the seed grows. If you work hard, it will eventually bear fruit. The fruit is what you want. Always try to think deeply and do not always see the appearance.
To be truly thankful, you have to really live in the moment and see what you want.
Count the blessings of your life and start with the breaths you are currently breathing. Live deeply in the present moment. Appreciate it and feel alive.

put aside control multiplies the ability to be thankful

Learn to let go, relax a little and take a relaxing path in life. Try new things, be brave, but above all, do your best. Cleansing allows you to experience the unexpected and experience the greatest pleasures of life, which are often surprises and unexpected opportunities.

Thanksgiving and quantum physics

In conservation of energy, it is stated that the whole world is of energy And absorbs himself similar energy. When we cultivate a thought in our mind, this thought produces a vibration that begins to absorb frequencies like itself and make all similar frequencies stronger and more complete Absorbs and returns to the source of vibration.
In fact, when we are consciously grateful for what we have, the energy of the universe tries harder to return more blessings to us. If our focus is on wealth, our wealth increases day by day, and vice versa, if we focus on poverty, we become poorer day by day.
Sometimes with a little attention to the people who live around us, we notice a noticeable difference in some of them. Grateful people are always calm and humble. They are quick to appreciate someone who takes even a small step for them, They are kind to all beings because they consider them a sign of the existence of God.
When you have negative thoughts and you are constantly thinking about what you do not have and regrets, you attract them to you. Have you noticed that people who constantly talk about suffering and bad economic situation are getting worse day by day, they may not blame themselves but they are the main culprit.
Einstein says: “Everything is made up of energy, match the frequency of the truth you want to receive with your frequency, then that truth will undoubtedly appear.”
What thoughts do you form in your mind during the day?
You receive what you think and believe, and it is true that our thoughts are invisible and not tangible, But the acceptance we have of the world through our thoughts and beliefs are not invisible , They become objective, how?

Most of us live in ingratitude, That is, paying attention to what does not exist, to the amount of money that does not exist, we do not see our financial resources, to the amount of health we do not have or pain, we do not see the health of other parts of our body.
In fact, our minds are accustomed to seeing the empty half of the glass. This flow of thought causes us to get tired of life after a while and not feel good, we begin to judge the lives of others, we lose our self-esteem and self-confidence.
What does gratitude help?
Gratitude is seeing what we have. It means seeing a half full glass, this moot point makes us feel good in our relationships, people enjoy being with us, blessings are present in all aspects of our lives, we are happy and optimistic and reach high levels of growth, we are calm. It is in this way that the force of the universe paves the way for achieving goals and aspirations.
Everything we receive in the future is the result of the belief we cultivate in our minds at the moment.
Let’s write down our thoughts one day to understand where the bad mood and problems we face come from. In this case, we realize how grateful we are. The next step is to start seeing and writing down what we have. Because our brains tend to be negative and forgetful, our lives will change little by little as we write down the positives.

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