The function of the law of attraction

How does the law of attraction work?

To apply the law of attraction, you must know the principles of working with it. I can say that the best and most powerful principle and law to achieve all aspirations is the law of attraction.
The law of attraction causes human beings to achieve all their desires through the power of their minds and thoughts.
Remember that the law of attraction works per the law of vibration, and you must first learn the law of vibration.
The vibration law means: all your thoughts and emotions are a series of vibrations and energies which cause the thoughts and desires or those things that you hate to enter your life. All these vibrations are conveying to your life using the Law of Attraction. So if you want to achieve all your goals and wishes, you need to control the output vibration of your mind.
We all think of a lot of negative or positive things in every moment and we absorb these thoughts in our lives. Remember that nothing happens without reason. At every moment in our lives, we receive the same vibration and feeling that we have sent.
Feeling in the law of attraction, like a guide, shows the way to achieve your dreams. If you do not feel good on the way, it will mean that you are going the wrong way. But if you feel great, it will mean that you will get what you want.
Focus on your emotions when using the law of attraction. Because feeling good sends a positive vibration to the universe and your desire enters your life. If you send a bad feeling to the universe, the universe, according to the law of attraction, will bring into your life what has made your emotions negative.
When you think of something, it’s like pulling it toward yourself by a fishing hook.

A photo of a human head among energy radiations and frequencies that says on the photo do our thoughts have a frequency

The law of attraction gives you the right to choose

The law of attraction brings the same into your life according to the vibration you send, for example, if you send the vibration of money and wealth, it will give you more money and wealth.
All human beings become magnets according to the thoughts and feelings they express, which the law of attraction and wealth and relationships and everything that happens in their lives. Vibrations and feelings always play a key role in the law of attraction. For example, if you feel negative and bad about money and wealth, you will enter the same situation into your life according to the same thoughts and feelings, which will lead to a lack of money and loss of your money.
It also works for other aspects such as relationship health and…
To make the most of the law of attraction, you need to work on your thoughts, because positive thoughts create good conditions in your life.
Negative thoughts cause unwanted and bad situations in your life. We have absorbed all the conditions of our lives and we have to accept that all the events of our lives are our responsibility.
If you do not have a good relationship with those around you, all these events are absorbed according to your own thoughts.
If you do not have a good financial situation, you have absorbed all these opportunities by your thoughts and mind. And the way to fix this is to change your mind.
Know that circumstances and events change slowly and as you change your thoughts.
The laws of the universe are fixed and everything goes back to our thoughts. If you want good things to happen in your life, you have to change your mind. When you have a goal and a desire in your mind, when you think about it, your thoughts are positive, and when you realize that you are subconsciously thinking about something negative, quickly change your mind and think about the things that you like and are positive.
According to the law of attraction, nothing is impossible and it does not matter what your current situation is and it does not matter what position you are in and who you are. By the law of attraction, you can easily make a change in your life.

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Why do not we conclude the law of attraction?

In this section, we want to examine the reasons why you can not properly conclude the law of attraction. First of all, I would like to remind you that if you use the law of attraction seriously, you can achieve any desire and goal that you have, and the first reason that you can not conclude from the law of attraction is that you vibrate the desires and You do not send your wishes to the universe properly.
The second reason you do not conclude the law of attraction is faith and disbelief in attraction. The best way to increase your faith and belief in the law of attraction is to get results from the law of attraction so that you can believe that this law is correct and enforceable and you should feel good about it and do exercises related to the law of attraction. Give and make sure you get a great result.
The third reason that people do not conclude the law of attraction is that they do not have any information and knowledge about the law of attraction. The most appropriate way to conclude is to read books on the law of attraction or use law courses of the law of attraction.
The fourth reason is not feeling good, which causes you to reverse the law of attraction. That is, the law of attraction responds to our emotions. If you send a good feeling to the world, you will receive the same for everything (wealth, relationships, etc.), and if you send a bad feeling, fear, and negativity to those around you or your desires, negative things to your life. Is absorbed.

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The relationship of the law of attraction to thoughts and minds

According to the law of attraction, there is a relationship between the universe and thoughts. The Creator of the universe has programmed the universe in such a way that you can learn and bring something into your lives, whether you like it or not. In the sense that all human thoughts have energy and vibration, and through your thoughts, you can bring the wants and the unwanted into life. According to the law of attraction, your thoughts can control the vibration and energy that the mind creates, and your senses tell you what vibration you are sending to the universe right now.
When you feel good and positive, you are approaching your desires and goals, and when you feel bad, you are attracting the unwanted into your life.
(The key to achieving the good feelings of you and me today)

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According to the law of attraction, external factors can change our feelings. Like thinking about a good memory, financial success, listening to a happy song, and seeing pictures of the universe or pictures of your dreams can make you feel positive.
And those good feelings make good things happen in your life. The inputs of your mind determine your emotions. This means that you put everything you think into your mind, that is why you have to be in complete control of your mind and think of positive things. The best and easiest way to control thoughts is to practice. Practice not allowing negative thoughts to enter your mind and always and everywhere keep your feelings positive and good and send positive vibrations to the universe.
According to the law of attraction to the truth of the universe, you can achieve whatever you want, and there is no limit to achieving your goals and aspirations.

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The steps of the law of attraction and achieving dreams

To receive the aspirations and achieve the goals, it is necessary to pass the 3 stages of the law of attraction well. If you do this process correctly and have full faith and belief, you will surely achieve that goal and desire.
The law of attraction has 3 stages:
1-The right request 2- Believing in your goal and desire 3- Ready to receive
1-The right request: First, to attract your request, you must specify exactly what you want and know its specifications completely, because when you clearly announce to the universe what you want, it is like that you have found the right path to achieve the goals.

Do not set a time for your desire because it is possible that you will not achieve your desire at the time you have specified, so it will make you feel bad and this negative feeling will cause you to stray from your goal. Believe that the universe will get you what you want at the right time and in the best place.
Never give up on achieving your dreams.
2-Believing in your goal and desire: To achieve your own will, you have to believe that you have what you want. According to the law of attraction, the best way is to visualize your desire in your mind and see in your life, and your behavior must be as if you have reached it.

The important thing about the law of attraction is that whatever your mind believes, the universe will bring it into your life.
If I want to define belief for you, I can say that belief is an idea that has been reviewed in your mind hundreds of times, which is why psychologists today emphasize that you do not see negative news and watch out for the inputs of your mind. Even the songs you listen to can be believable to your subconscious. So do not listen to sad and negative songs.
3-Ready to receive: According to the law of attraction, with a good and positive feeling, you will be on the path of your desires and goals. You just have to create that feeling now that you want to get to it. For example, if you want to get to your ideal home or car, you do not have to think about your current financial situation. And you have to see yourself in whatever ideal situation you have in mind.

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