How to clear your mind of all the negative energies from the past to the present?

The 33rd Law of Attraction: How to clear your mind of all the negative energies from the past to the present?

I hate bullying and I feel my mission in life is to help eliminate bullying in society and I believe when that happens everything will change. A thick neck is like a witch that can destroy our lives every day, but we must defeat it. Despite bullying and stubbornness, war, depression and problems arise.
But when will this happen?
It can take hundreds and thousands of years if we let it and on the other hand it can disappear in the blink of an eye and it all happens very quickly.
The law of attraction in the world is very simple. If we make a romantic commitment to ourselves, we have followed this law. My advice to you is to remove any amount of bullying and stubbornness and negative forces and any limiting thoughts that you have in your subconscious mind. And know that it is at these times that you will be in a great state and you can help others make a difference for themselves because getting rid of negative thoughts and bullying from your existence is like shaking the house and refreshing the house and things.

The 34th Law of Attraction: Stop hiding yourself from the world

People who think decisively seek to attract happiness, wealth and success actually they are not like that and the fact is that they hide themselves from these things. The law of attraction and abundance is always following you. What you have to do is to come out and show your true self to the world.

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The 35th Law of Attraction: (Your Forgotten Secrets)

You have learned valuable things throughout your life, write them all down on paper. If there is a unique soul in the world, naturally there are unlimited secrets about it and there are ways to create many laws. All you have to do to ignite the Law of Attraction in the world is to create different channels for how you work and travel your path. Bring whatever tools you have to go on the trail and put your plan on the table and write it down. Just like the pebbles that fall into the river, you too can leave many of these ideas, techniques and secrets of your work to the flow of the Law of Attraction and benefit from the experiences to advance the Law of Attraction.

The 36th Law of Attraction: Let love, respect and positive energy permeate you

Do not accept pressure and oppression and dictation of opinions by others, and accept only love, positive energy and respect.
If you compromise with these negative things, it will slow down your path and disturb you from the inside.
If you allow other people to dictate to you what they like and you do what they like, you have truly given away your power. Freedom is always worth the journey, be sure, be trustworthy and stay in love.
I will repeat this again, you don’t have to conquer the whole world in one day, for example, if you save a penny of energy every day, in 30 days, the amount of abundance, love, and happiness will return to you as much as 10 million dollars.
The truth is that I am not an optimist, but an optimistic realist. I also know that tragic events happen to people, you show me the biography of a famous or successful person throughout history where there is no pain and suffering.
Sadness is part of the story of people’s lives. But we need to understand and deal with the true meaning of pain, we also need to experience and understand bad feelings.
This is what makes our life have a great ending.

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The 37th Law of Attraction: Listen to your inner inspiration

Free yourself from the slavery of your mind, no one can free your mind but yourself.
Choose to follow your own path and not someone else’s, actually free your own mind.
You can live free like a butterfly. Freedom is a simple and divine choice from the distant past.
Change can happen over a long period of time, but when it happens it happens in an instant. So always act as if that moment will be today, because this change of mind is also very valuable.

The thirty-eighth law of attraction: How to turn your inner disappointments into diamonds?

An energy block is like a hidden diamond inside a rock.
Your obstacles and bottlenecks in life are always signs that lead to great success, attracting wealth and attracting love into your life. Let go of your emotional energy blocks and let the law of attraction flow like water through a broken dam in your life.

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The 39th Law of Attraction: Discover the amazing beauty that is within you right now

You came into this world with a natural way of being that I call a natural oscillation.
In my world, practicing the law of attraction and achieving great success is nothing new, it means rediscovering the beauty and wonder that already exists within us. When you manifest, you are actually reclaiming your natural right.
One of the most valuable tips I have to tell you is to try to reveal everything, starting with your own identity.
People with positive energy attract incredible things, like when the ocean attracts beautiful seabirds.
However, having beautiful things does not necessarily indicate the fulfillment of the law of attraction. So the first and most important thing is to always be in the present moment.

The 40th Law of Attraction: Be happy like children

Enjoy every moment of your life, when you can be a kid why bother?
In other words, turn life into a game and live for fun and to attract abundance.
Take back your right to be happy, to be adventurous, don’t let anyone ruin your game.
If you let other people play, they must play by your rules.

The 41st Law of Attraction: If you want to be heard, speak slowly

If you want to be heard, speak slowly!
Your subconscious uses the law of attraction by creating a channel through your unique personality and lifestyle and energy.
You can’t follow someone else’s path to attraction because there is no step-by-step guide to this. And you are guided according to the inputs you have given to your mind and subconscious mind.

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The 42nd Law of Attraction: The Complete Program for the Law of Attraction

Planning is essential, if you want to be an expert in the law of attraction and success, be prepared to change your plan.
Flexibility is equal to personal strength, a developer who tried for months and with great difficulty was able to develop a very important software for the first time, although this software was a best-selling and valuable product and had a high price, but in the last The moment he decided to give it as a gift to the wider community. If I didn’t do this, I would never have been able to help them, he says.

The forty-third law of attraction: the most powerful and effective tool of the law of attraction

From now on, let’s meditate through energy, not through conscious thought. The most powerful personal development tool in the world is energy. Your personal energy is perfect for the unfolding of your destiny, in other words you have everything you need in your life. When you want to understand how to bring it into the flow of your life, just look to the outside world. As Tesla said: If you want to find the secrets of the world, think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.

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