68 seconds technique

68 seconds technique; How to achieve our dreams by implementing the law of attraction in 68 seconds?

Many people claim that they have been able to achieve many of their desires by applying the law of attraction in life. There is no harm in trying! Let’s try this rule in life with a quick technique and check the result. What technique? 68 second technique.

Law of Attraction

In the law of attraction, it is assumed that one of the dimensions of human existence is energy. Energy that can absorb the energies of other worlds. On the other hand, energies can attract each other. As long as they are aligned and the same. how about
That is, when you think about positive things, all the energy in your body becomes positive and can absorb the positive energy of the world. Obviously, if you are negative and your body is made up of negative energy, you cannot absorb and receive positive energy.
In fact, if you think of positive things with all your being, the whole universe will mobilize to send positive pulses towards you and you will benefit from all the positive things.
So remember that in the law of attraction, the principle of achieving your dreams and desires is positive thinking and optimism towards the universe.
The 68 second technique is considered one of the effective techniques and one of the fastest ways to achieve the desires in the law of attraction.

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What is the 68 second technique?

The 68 second technique tells you that if you only think about your desire for 68 seconds continuously and focus on it completely, you can receive the frequency of its waves and attract it to you. Amazing, isn’t it?
This technique is known as the fastest and most attractive method in the law of attraction.
An interesting example that experts gives about the function of the law of attraction in obtaining wishes and achieving desires is the example of the function of radio. You must know how the radio works. A radio is a receiver that receives stray waves in space transmitted from radio stations.
To receive your favorite program, you only need to find the frequency on which the program is broadcast and tune the radio to the same wave. Our body actually works like a radio receiver.
When you have a desire or a goal, you must align your body frequency with the wave of that desire so that your body is ready to receive it.
The 68 second technique works the as way as the fastest way to get what you want.

68 second technique

How to perform the 68 seconds technique?

To perform the technique for 68 seconds, it is enough to be calm and preferably in a position where your body is away from any tension and conflict. It is better to lie down. At the beginning of the work, it is enough to focus your thoughts on your desire for just 17 seconds every day, once and every time.
Think about the details. For example, if you like to have a house, think about the design of that house. Imagine walking into your home and enjoying being there. Think about the color of the furniture, curtains and interior and exterior of the house.
Stop thinking about whether or not you can afford the house. Try to enjoy only these 17 seconds of visualizing what you would like to have.
To implement the 68-second technique, you need to step and move forward. It may seem simple and obvious to you, but you should know that it is not an easy task to focus continuously on one subject for 68 seconds.
Experts believe that if you can focus on your desires for the same 17 seconds, you have been able to stimulate the energy vibrations to get it and you are close to achieving that desire. In fact, when you concentrate for 17 seconds, 17 seconds of this thought will be formed in the universe and a frequency will gradually be formed that will bring you closer to the objectification of your dream.
Research has shown that every 17 seconds of non-resistive imagery has the same effect as working 40 hours a week for a year.

What is the next step in implementing the 68 second technique?

Now it’s time to reach the thirty-fourth second. That is, if you can continue your thoughts after 17 seconds and reach 34 seconds, the energy emitted from your side will be doubled and the energy emitted from your side will be stronger and bigger.
In the next step, you should increase your concentration to 51 seconds. In the last step, you will focus on 68 seconds and in this case, your body’s energy will evolve and you will have enough fuel to give physical embodiment to your wish and dream.
Why does the 68 second technique not work for me?
It may have happened to you that you used the law of attraction or the 68 second technique, but you did not get any results. In these situations, you should not be discouraged and ask yourself if the law of attraction really does not work?
The answer to your question is simple and boils down to the nature of the law of attraction. look! For example, think that you want to have a villa house. At the same time that you are focused on your desire, you think that it is unlikely that you will get this house. Because its price is very expensive and it is unlikely that you will be able to get away with paying the fee.
The energy world responds to every frequency and pulse you send out. When you think this way, you are actually sending two different pulses to the universe. In the first pulse, you have expressed your desire and in the second pulse, you have thought that you will not achieve your desire.
Naturally, the universe will respond to both of your pulses. Answers that are opposite to each other and as a result cancel each other out. The result is that you don’t get what you want.

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What should we do to make the 68 seconds technique work better?

To make the 68 second technique work better, it is good to implement the following techniques:
Talk to yourself
Talking to yourself in order to achieve your desire is one of the best ways to constantly focus on your desire and desire. When you talk to yourself about the details of what you want; You will be less distracted and pay more attention to details.
Think about the details
Try to indulge yourself in visualizing what you will achieve. Think about the details so much that your mind doesn’t get the chance to jump to other branches and get overwhelmed by your request and goal. You can use photos for better illustration. For example, if you want a certain car from a certain manufacturer, search for pictures on the Internet and stare at it to remember the details.

Start with smaller goals

It is good to start with small and more attainable goals in the beginning to strengthen your ability to do the 68 seconds technique. You can start by achieving small things like seeing your friends or happy events to eventually reach bigger goals.
After performing the technique, stop thinking about it
Consider that after thinking about your wish and visualizing its details, engage your mind in daily activities so that negative thoughts do not come to you. In this way, you will think less about what if you don’t get what you want? Or this technique may not work at all.
In fact, the more your mind is involved in daily tasks, the less chance negative thoughts will have to come to you. Engage yourself in other matters and let the energy world do its work in bringing you to your desire. Just trust your abilities and the 68 seconds technique.
Have you ever used the law of attraction? How was the result? Talk to us about what you have experienced and share your experiences with other readers. We look forward to reading your comments.

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