what does self-love mean

what does self-love mean

I want to write about love; By love, I mean neither love for parents nor love for a partner nor love for a child. Honestly, the love I’m going to talk about is called self-love! It has happened so many times that are you standing in front of the mirror and disgusted by your pimples, receding hair, and bad body shape?
How many times has it happened that your teacher at school or your manager at work criticized you and you considered yourself weak, stupid and irresponsible after that incident? Has it ever happened to you that at some point in your life, you loved someone deeply and gave everything to him, but he left you and you felt unworthy to be loved?
How many times have you determined to go on a diet, read a book, or go to the gym, but after a while it didn’t go well, and you blamed yourself for not being persistent? Answering these and countless other similar questions all depends on how much you love yourself.
Now you must be saying to yourself when I can’t show an acceptable performance of myself in the study and work environment, it’s natural to hate myself, when I can’t bring myself to the standard that is acceptable to society, it’s natural to hate myself. I feel bad in the mirror. When others don’t like me, it’s natural that I don’t like myself. Perhaps you, dear reader, are among those who think that self-love means self-righteousness, and if we love ourselves, we will become a proud person. In this article, we will fully explain to you that:
What does self-love basically mean?
Why should we love ourselves at all?
Does loving yourself mean being proud?
When should we start loving ourselves?
How can we experience self-love?
What should we do so that other people’s opinions are not important to us?

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what does self giving love mean

Self-love means accepting yourself unconditionally, forgiving yourself, and respecting who you are. Let’s explain what we mean by using the word unconditionally: When you’ve managed to lose a few Kilos, have your hair done and dressed well, it’s obvious that you’re going to love yourself when you look in the mirror. When you have achieved a great achievement in work or education and received the applause of everyone, it is clear that you will like yourself. When others approve of you and love you, every person is in your place he falls in love with himself. But what if the exact opposite of these things happen? If you have become fat, you have been criticized and forbidden to be in the presence of others, but despite all the weaknesses, you still love yourself, that is, you love yourself unconditionally, and this is an art. Yes, when we talk about self-love, it means lovingly embracing and accepting all of your qualities, which consist of your limitations, needs, weaknesses, failures, strengths and achievements.

Why should we love ourselves?

To be honest, self-love has many benefits, but the majority of people in our society are not aware of these benefits, and that’s why there are few people who dare to stand up and say, “I love myself.” Loving yourself makes you experience more light in all aspects of life, progress and experience a more meaningful life. Some of the most important benefits of self-love are:
If you love yourself, you will be more tolerant of your failures and weaknesses
You will gain higher self-confidence
You will forgive yourself more easily
You will get rid of self-destructive thoughts and have a healthier mindset
You will perform better in setting a goal for life and achieving it
You will be able to comfort yourself better than others
You will experience better personal relationships
You will attract friends who are worth being friends with
You will have a brighter efficiency in the work environment
You will act more calculated in communicating with others
You will experience more joy and pleasure in life
You will become a creative and lively person
You will make choices that are healthier and wiser
You will have access to more opportunities
You will be away from depression and anxiety and you will experience higher mental health

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Important point: when we don’t love ourselves and don’t respect ourselves, in the face of failures, we will easily label ourselves as lazy, weak and unlovable, under the shadow of this label, we will hug the knees of sadness and As we are, we will burn and build.
On the other hand, when we love ourselves, we will consider ourselves a valuable person who does not settle for less and deserves the best; This thought is very constructive and motivating and makes us stand up with all our heart, strive for personal and professional development, choose the right people to hang out with, and move towards what we deserve.

Does loving yourself mean being proud?

Unfortunately, many people in our society and living environment consider self-love to be synonymous with pride and self-righteousness; While this notion is by no means correct, let’s be clear once and for all: loving yourself does not mean pride; Because a person who does not take care of himself will not be able to take care of others. When you embrace and love yourself generously, you benefit not only yourself, but others as well. Let’s take an example, can an empty glass quench the thirst of others? Such a thing is impossible. Similarly, if we do not fill ourselves with love, we will not be able to fill others with love.
Kindness to yourself means caring for yourself and supporting yourself as if you were with your best friend. When facing life’s challenges, personal mistakes, failures and setbacks, self-kindness works better than self-hatred. Remember that you are not alone and no one is perfect in every way.
If you feel guilty about taking time for yourself and taking care of your own needs, remind yourself: practicing self-love strengthens your ability to love others.

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From when should start loving ourselves?

If you don’t start loving yourself today, you won’t do the same tomorrow. There are many excuses. If you delay the process of loving yourself today because you are overweight, tomorrow you will find another excuse to not love yourself. The gift of life is given to you only once; How many years of your precious life do you want to waste on excuses? Please practice the skill of self-love from today. How do you ask? We will explain to you below:

What should we do so that other people's opinions are not important to us?

Whether you want it or not, along the way of your life, you will meet those who disagree with your opinion and think that your lifestyle is wrong. We also have guidelines for dealing with these people. Follow these two guidelines so that you don’t care what other people think:

1-Note that the way people treat you is a reflection of the way they treat themselves

An important part of loving yourself is learning not to take what people say about you too seriously. At these times, ask yourself how can I expect someone who is used to conditional love to give me unconditional love? This is like expecting a child to climb a mountain. Of course, this is impossible and will not happen in practice. Such people have not experienced the joy of living in the world of unconditional love and for this reason, they always suffer in their own world. Once you realize this, you will no longer react negatively to what they say, and on the contrary, you will treat them with kindness. Perhaps your sincere kindness influenced them and encouraged them to walk in the path you are moving.

2-Note that fear and pain are a part of those people's lives

Do you think that the person who treats you badly is better than you? Most of the time, the answer to this question is a firm “no”. A large number of those who mistreat you somehow consider you a threat to themselves and because of the fear and pain they feel from this side, they deal with you from a position of anger. If you pay attention to these key points, you can practice loving yourself more easily and quickly.

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final word

Unconditional self-love is not something that comes naturally to you, but something you have to practice and learn. There is an important point that we would like to mention at the end of the article: if you are on the path of learning the skill of self-love, but you have been feeling bad about yourself for a few days, you should not despair. This is completely normal. Life has ups and downs, the solution is to take a step back, forgive yourself and start again with the exercises mentioned in this article.
If you found this article helpful, or if you have a personal experience with self-love, share your thoughts below.
Thank you for your support.

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