Rules of the law of attraction

Rules of the law of attraction for people who are serious about achieving anything

It is good to know that according to the law of attraction, achieving everything in the world is not a difficult task, in fact, you will soon realize that contrary to what you think, they are all achievable.

What is the law of attraction?

Many times you have experienced the event that you thought of a person and that person called you or met you, or that you thought of something and received it, this is one of the rules of attraction.
The rules for attracting great success may often seem obvious and surprising, but today it is my job to help you learn the law of attraction for everything like attracting money and wealth, attracting love and everything in the world And make them enter your life and be under your control. You can easily read about the law of attraction on our site and get great results.
Wouldn’t you like to see the magical results of the law of attraction quickly, over the next 24 hours, or even every day of your life?
This is the real secret of success.
I believe that all people have the power to work miracles in life.
I wish you all the best, and indeed, by applying the contents of the law of attraction, you can achieve the goals of your desires and make great changes in your life.

Introducing the rules of attraction of success, wealth, love and health:

The first law of attraction: the ground for success through dreams

Today we are all aware that we all live in the same energy field. This field is like a big halo around us and this energy field is always and everywhere around us. These energies expand with your strong emotions, and sometimes these dominant emotions can be sadness, fear, loneliness, but you yourself can quickly change these dominant emotions by using the law of attraction.
You have seen the poles of the magnet and you have noticed its function and the absorption of iron into the magnet. Our behavior as human beings is exactly like a magnet, everyone is attracted to events, people, etc. according to their personal energy. But people do not know that when they have a request, they should pay attention to its positive points, because our focus is on anything We attract the same to ourselves.
For example, people say:
I will be happy when I get what I want
Or when I find my true love then I will feel good about myself
When I am happy, then I feel grateful
All these paths are wrong.

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The secret of the law of attraction of the universe in the first stage is: the first step with energy!

You first need to create a magnetic field for what you want. Instead of trying to achieve your goals by force and effort, you can create the energy space for the change you want to bring about ,That change in existence occurs spontaneously. For example, if you want a lot of wealth or you want to bring a love into your life or you want your body, mind or soul to be healthy and energetic; You need to first think about how you got them and feel good about yourself.
Tell yourself: What will your dreams look like when they come true, what will change about your energy and attitude?
Create these feelings now, because in the future it will show its expected value very soon.
With gratitude, hope, positivity, according to the law of attraction, you force the world to turn your dreams into reality and show you in reality, this philosophy is summed up in two words: the field of dreams.
It starts with building a space and you can decide what you want and an energy field create for it to that the desired magnet be absorbed.
You can easily create the ground for happiness, wealth, true love and health, everything you ask of the world appears in its proper magnetic field and can be a scientific fact like gravity.
Try it for yourself, it’s simple, all you have to do is create an energetic space where the world can follow the rules of attraction and deliver your request.
This is easier said than done, and you just have to point the magnet in the right direction, so you’ll soon see that you’re attracted to the magnet.
As you master this path, the world will begin to deliver more demands on you from your life.
Another way to achieve your goals and desires is to rediscover the magical energy of childhood, be prepared to release a large part of the hidden treasure you have in your mind and release it in your life.
So many children who are able to experiment have the ability to connect to the string of dreams and are able to effortlessly adjust to a magical frequency at which great things appear.
Kids only know how to point to magnets, they know magical places that adults do not know.
We can also discover our own processes, imagine that today instead of saying I’m going to work, say I’m going to play. So you release a string of your dreams that makes every day a much more interesting adventure than the last time. This phenomenon is known as the effect of solidarity and is one of the strongest scientific laws in the law of attraction of the universe.

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The second law of attraction: the magic law of one percent

Suppose there is a small task that if you do, you will immediately see the results, such as something that can affect your love life, your relationships, your job, your feelings and beliefs, your confidence, and Affect your wealth.
There is an example. We ask people if they would give you a million dollars now, or would you accept a dollar, which I will double every day for a month from tomorrow, and this will continue with your imagination.
Surely the majority choose a million dollars because that is the most logical answer for them, if they chose a dollar and the amount of money doubled every day, after a month they should have the amount equal to 10.7 million dollars. This is a wonderful example of the law of attraction and shows that when you remove limitations and shortcomings from your mind, abundant thinking and the principles of unlimited potential take over your mind.

The effect of one percent law on attracting success and wealth in life:

You need to understand that small changes and short steps lead to big profits and changes in life. And another reason is that you need to be fully aware of the magic of quantum change. If you are not able to make a positive change of one percent in your life every day, the result will be that you will move completely against the law of attraction of success and attraction of your desires.

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This is a well-known law of physics: nothing is fixed, and we are constantly growing and moving in a direct or reverse direction.

Many counselors admit that there have been cases in the past that have bothered them (such as hearing insults in the schoolyard, having a bullying spouse, or a cheating partner) but the more annoying thing is that this The damage is constantly growing, just like the dollar we talked about earlier.
And this is very surprising. Now you can say: Are you able to improve various aspects of your life by one percent a day?
This one percent means let’s be one percent more generous, or one percent more positive energy, one percent more specialized in your profession, and even one percent more in relation to yourself grow more.
If you go on like this, life you are 70,000 times a year will grow.
It is no exaggeration, this is what Einstein called the Eighth Wonder of the World, what would have happened if you had made this small commitment a year or even a month ago? An important issue is the correct understanding of this law.
Even in the first week or the second week after starting the one percent rule, you will feel that your energy, self-confidence and even your absorption power have doubled. In this way, this magical formula of the law of attraction can be used in everything: such as improving health, improving relationships, increasing wealth and money, and even business.
Even if you pass this law from one subject to another, it is okay and it does not matter to the world and the universe, and the only thing that matters is that you can have a long-term investment in yourself and this is possible when you are able to improve one percent of your personal or inner life every day, and eventually the magical result will be seen in the long run as you imagined.

Continue the rules in the next article.

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