Seven lessons to know that “how let’s love?”

Seven lessons to know that "how let's love?"

These seven lessons for knowing how to love are only guidelines and should be used as a guide, not as a standard. Just try to follow them, even if you don’t succeed 100%.
Love is the art of life and it has a unique quality as many as human beings. Love is an art that requires introspection and self-improvement along with experience and goodwill. The reason is that the quality of love varies from person to person. Some types of love can change life in a positive and forever way. Other types of love may also be fleeting and full of suffering. There is another type of love that people turn to out of habit, but it doesn’t really make a difference in their lives.
A healthy love is a mature and developed love. A love that significantly enriches the lives of the people involved and helps them progress and evolve.
Knowing how to love healthy means knowing the boundaries of a relationship and loving after reaching a certain level of personal balance. It also means learning to let go of impossible desires and romantic fantasies.

Seven lessons on how to love

1-every person is different:

The first lesson in how to love is to understand that everyone is different. Love, especially of the romantic kind, is often accompanied by a strong desire for mutual identification. This means that people think that whatever they feel in a romantic relationship, the other party should have the same feeling.
However, each person sees and attracts love differently, even when experiencing the same experience. This variety shows that two people are not the same person, but separate people. This is not bad, it is just positive and natural and should be understood and acknowledged.

2-People change:

People have a fundamental personality structure, and the essence of each person’s personality is usually the same throughout the transition from childhood to old age. However, humans are constantly changing, depending on their times, experiences, and learning opportunities.
Knowing how to love means understanding and accepting that you accept the changes in the other person and still love them.
In the beginning, a couple has an ideal existence for each other, but gradually they turn into a real personality. If you want to stay in love with that ideal person, you will fail in your love. But if you accept the other person’s changes, you will fall in love with him again and again; Just as a father changes his love for his child in childhood and adulthood according to his age and still remains in love with him.

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3-To be in love with another, you must be in love with yourself:

The first love you need to cultivate is the love you have for yourself. To know how to love others, you must first love yourself in peace. In this way, you will find out who you are, what you want and who do deserve you.
Thus, in a romantic relationship, whatever you do for yourself, you do for others. If you are at peace, you can bring peace to someone else. If you take care of yourself, you can take care of others; And if you want the best for yourself, you can give the best to others.

4-Protection of personal privacy

Despite social networks, there is a strong desire to reveal people’s privacy. Many people want to expose their personal life to the audience and think that this is the right thing to do. Also, people are in a hurry to get intimate with each other, especially in romantic relationships.
This is despite the fact that we all have aspects of our private life that can be vulnerable, and therefore we must be careful to avoid giving away our privacy in romantic relationships before we are sure of the strength and stability of the relationship. Remember that “patience” is the key to love and only time can strengthen bonds and expand the field of intimacy.

5-Everyone has their own problems and responsibilities in life:

The reality of life is that everyone is responsible for their own life
It’s also never possible to fully understand what everyone struggles with on a daily basis.
In a romantic relationship, what you can do is take this into consideration and understand that everyone has their own problems and no one can shoulder the burden of our responsibility. In the life of couples, sometimes explaining one’s daily problems and challenges can cause complex problems and misunderstandings, while basically, its plan does not solve any problem.

6-There is no equality in relationships:

Human relationships are not business contracts that imply absolute justice in all circumstances. On the contrary, the dominant point is asymmetry and inequality. No one can achieve complete equality with another.
There are times when one gives more than the other and then the opposite happens. Therefore, you cannot expect to always get exactly as much as you give. You should know that your love is your best asset and accept whatever the other person can or wants to give you without calculation.

7-Knowing when to say goodbye

Romantic relationships sometimes end. Sooner or later, and for various reasons, there may come a time when you don’t have another presence by your side. Therefore, it is a good option to learn to say goodbye to those who you think you can no longer continue the path with.
A friendly goodbye and recognition of the other person’s change of feelings will leave a fond memory of love in your life and may help you achieve a lasting love. Losing what you love is a reality that no one can escape and everyone must learn to accept.

A final note

These seven lessons for knowing how to love are only guidelines and should be used as a guide, not as a standard. Just try to follow them, even if you don’t succeed 100%. For the simple reason that loving is an effort to achieve a better individuality and also to improve the lives of those around you.

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