A way of living in the present moment

A way of living in the present moment

I think you will be really surprised after reading this article! Because I am going to explain to you about life in the present moment! Something that most people in the world are not familiar with! Join me to see a new spark in your life.
What is the present moment? What does living in the present moment mean?
See, the present moment is the moment we live in. But being and living in the present moment is something else! Let me give an example:
Just a few minutes or a few hours ago, you were probably in your bed. But were you in the present moment? No! Because you were probably thinking about your future work, what your friend said to you yesterday, about today’s plan, about some economic problem, etc.
Or another example, right now as you are reading this article, you are probably not in the present moment enough because your mind won’t let you! If you want to be sure,
• Take a look at your feelings; Do you know how you feel right now?
• Up to this moment, the temperature of the air,
• To touch the mobile phone with your hand
Or did you even pay special attention to your surroundings? What objects with what colors and shapes are near you?
• Worst of all, did you enjoy your last meal and really taste it? Or were you talking or thinking while eating?
So, living in the present moment means experiencing this very moment, while most of the time we are either thinking about the future or thinking about the past due to the nature of our mind!

Who lives in the present moment?

A person who lives in the present moment often experiences the moments of his life differently because his mind does not reduce his experiences. Of course, as I said above, in general, our mind is characterized by thinking, and this issue does not allow us to experience life in the present moment too much.
But at the same time, there are exercises that help us to live in the present moment and have a different experience of life! These techniques are called mindfulness techniques!

What is mindfulness? How to live at the moment?

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t let the future take your mood?” In fact, mindfulness helps us to reach the depth of this sentence!
Mindfulness means experiencing the present moment with full attention and concentration. This is the concept of mindfulness, which we must achieve with the help of mindfulness exercises. These are a series of exercises that help us come to the present. In general, its techniques are divided into 2 categories:
1-Exercises that may take 5 to 15 minutes each time and help us to be in the present moment by concentrating. For example, practicing meditation or practicing focusing on our breath. For better understanding, you can do this relaxation meditation right now to realize:
Note: Since you are a beginner, it is completely normal for your mind to wander many times while doing this exercise. But if you keep doing it, you can more easily bring your mind back to the present moment.
3-But the second category of mental awareness exercises are exercises that help us get used to being at the moment while doing a simple and normal task. For example, washing dishes with a conscious mind!
Important note: both of these types of exercises, in the first stage, allow us to be in the present moment in a short time, that is, the same time as practicing. But the point is that by doing these exercises continuously, our mind gets used to being in the present moment and we become a more mindful person!

The importance of mindfulness and the benefits of living in the present moment

Mindfulness has many effects. In fact, mindfulness increases our ability to live in the present moment:
• Reduces rumination,
• Relief from stress,
• Increasing active memory,
• Improve concentration,
• Reduction of depressive symptoms
• And…

will be Of course, these were the medical effects of mindfulness and living in the present moment, and there are other things too! I will mention them below:
Anxiety of the future and peace of the present!
Depression lives in the past and anxiety lives in the future, but peace of mind is in the present moment.
those who live in the present moment are happier, calmer, and more appreciative. Mindfulness can increase your ability to be in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
At the same time, when you become aware of your own thoughts and feelings, through self-awareness of your thoughts and feelings, you can become better aware of the feelings of others and establish a better relationship with them.
Full life experience with mindfulness!
One of the benefits of mindfulness, self-awareness, and learning is how to be focused and live fully in each moment. what does it mean? It all boils down to this sentence:
Your mind may steal your time.
one question; Have you ever been traveling or doing something enjoyable when you thought to yourself for a moment:
• I don’t want this to end…
• I am having a lot of fun, but soon it will be the first of the week and I have to go back to work again?
This way of thinking only allows your mind to steal valuable time from you. When you have thoughts like these, instead of being at the moment and enjoying what you’re doing, you’re focused on when it’s over.
This type of thinking (non-conscious thinking) takes you away from being in the present moment and doesn’t allow you to experience each moment as much as you can.
By being in each moment (and savoring it), you reach a higher level of contentment and allow yourself to have a better experience.

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How will living in the present moment help us reduce stress?

The more you learn to focus on what is in the present moment, the more you can control your body’s response to these thoughts and feelings!
When you just sit and accept the way you are. It calms down, you’re breathing and heartbeat slow down, and your brain returns to normal functioning. So, instead of making you busy complaining and stealing your time and moment, the conscious mind will increase your good experiences by increasing your awareness.
living at the moment; How to be in the present moment?
Next, I will teach you the most important mindfulness techniques that will help you experience the present moment. stay with me
Every morning you can sit quietly and focus on your breathing (the simplest mindfulness exercise called breathing meditation), you can start with 2-3 minutes and in the future, increase this time to 10 minutes. Just focus on your breathing and being at the moment. Maybe in this seemingly short exercise, your thoughts will try to disturb you, and in fact they will.
Try not to get involved with them and do not try to change them. Just try to see them from a third-person perspective and slowly bring your focus back to your breathing. (Like watching a movie!) Remember that it is very normal for the mind to get involved, especially in the first few times of meditation. If you like, use the soft sound to experience meditation:
Another way you can practice being in the present moment is through gratitude. With gratitude you can think of all the things you are grateful for. Just close your eyes slowly, think about them one by one and be grateful for them from the bottom of your heart.
Note: You can set a reminder on your mobile phone before going to sleep to remind you to be thankful for the things you are thankful for.

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3-Walking and walking meditation
The times when your head is quieter. such as early mornings or nights; You can spend some time and walk outside in nature for a few minutes. While doing this, turn your focus to nature and the experience and feeling you have at that moment. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel alive sometimes. Of course, for the beginning of the day, the experience of morning meditation is also very enjoyable.

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4-Conscious eating
Believe it or not, eating can be an incredible tool to help cultivate the skill of present moment mindfulness. Most of us are so busy that most of the time we just automatically eat our food during meetings or at red lights or during our conversations with others.
Be honest with yourself: How many times have you finished a plate full of food without even noticing the taste? When we practice mindful eating, we engage all our senses and attention in eating and take time to enjoy a meal.

5-Getting away from the mobile phone
With constant notifications piling up on your phone from the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes, it’s hard to stay in the present moment.
However, in a world where we have all these seemingly involuntary warnings around us, we can always make a choice. A few times a day, for a few moments, turn off the screen of your phone or what you are working with by your own will, and for a few moments, think about the here and now, your priorities, your feelings and your breathing.
This allows you to regain control over the course of your day in the face of distractions and low-priority tasks that have been placed in front of you throughout the day.

6-Create a regular routine for yourself
Having a routine can help us stay on track and feel empowered. As we learn how to be more present at the moment, finding time to have mindfulness meditation sessions can be very important. If you have more freedom in the morning, practice mindfulness meditation in the morning.
When you find a consistency in your practice, you have the opportunity to strengthen your mental health by trying to learn to be more present in the present moment.

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