Key tips on how to love ourselves

Key tips on how to love ourselves

1-Fall in love with yourself

Think about the things that make you the “real me”. Just like a flower that needs water, soil, and sunlight to grow. You must feed your soul. Encourage yourself for your talents and the things you do right, accept your mistakes and shortcomings. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from your mistakes, but you just have to deal with yourself when you do. Look in the mirror and fall in love with the reflection you see.
“Falling in love with yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romantic life.”

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2-Set aside individual criticism

Do you often blame yourself for the smallest things and are unable to let go of even the most insignificant mistakes? If you are constantly blaming yourself, you need to stop doing it. You have probably seen that most people use terms like: stupid, bad boy, bad girl, wasteful, inconsiderate, ignorant, ugly, sloppy, rude, etc. Maybe it happened to you to describe yourself with such words.
Actually using these words this is because we want to act as if we are perfect and put ourselves under a lot of pressure with this belief, and close our eyes to other areas of our lives that need correction and healing.
Therefore, it is better to try to discover our individual creativity and praise our outstanding and privileged qualities, because when we criticize ourselves, we actually discredit and humiliate our role in the world.
If we can say to ourselves when we make a mistake or fail in a situation: “I am too complex to deserve a general self-evaluation, it is true that I made a mistake or failed, but I can still accept myself as a human ” I accept it, and this mistake or failure of mine is not a proof of my worthlessness and inability.”
Therefore, if you are ready to grow and progress and learn from mistakes, mistakes pave the way to a full and fruitful life.
Many of us constantly threaten ourselves with scary thoughts and make a giant monster out of a small problem. For example, if others reject us, it’s a disaster, or if we don’t get the desired result in a certain case, it’s terrible.
Therefore, whenever you feel fear and worry, tell yourself: It is upsetting for me if others reject me or if I do not get the desired result in this particular case, but neither is a disaster.
Remember, if you make a practical mistake, instead of criticizing yourself, consider it as an experience and learn from it. When you criticize yourself, the changes made in you take a negative form. Forget the mistakes of the past and instead of criticizing, try to react better if the mistake is repeated and do not repeat the past action.

3-Be kind and positive.

When you try to look at yourself with kindness and positivity, your inherent love for yourself grows. Thank yourself every day so that it becomes a habit. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself positively, over time, empowering thoughts will naturally manifest in you that will give you strength.

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4-Appreciate the efforts you make

All your efforts are not necessarily going to end in winning, you are not going to be successful in everything you do. Many times the effort you make matters. Realize that you have done everything you can, even if you lose or do not achieve the desired result.

5-Let go of worry.

The requirement to love someone is to remove worries from your existence. Life becomes horrible with worry and stress. Worrying will not help you in any way and it has no ability to bring good things to you. Only wise reactions will bring you closer to your goals. That’s why instead of constantly wasting your time worrying, think of something to do to eliminate the source of worry. Even if the circumstances were beyond your control, ask the universe to guide you towards your personal goals and leave everything else alone. If something is going to happen, be sure that it will happen. Cultivate positive thoughts in your mind. Do not allow negative points and destructive thoughts to enter. Remember that negative and destructive thoughts will take over your mind over time and you will no longer have a place to cultivate positive thoughts, so change your thoughts slowly and gently.
“There is only one way to happiness, and that is to stop worrying about things that are beyond your personal control.”

6-Believe in yourself.

Have confidence in your abilities. Know that you have the ability to make the biggest changes in your life and you can if you set your heart to do something. You can also increase your self-confidence by bringing yourself closer to your dreams by mentally visualizing them. Consciously look for situations that will increase your confidence. For example, if you are good at a certain task, spend more time on it to increase your confidence.
“Trust yourself, you know a lot more than you think”

7-Forgive yourself

If you have made mistakes in the past that made you feel inferior, you need to let them go and forgive yourself. We all make mistakes, so there’s no reason to beat yourself up over them. If you are carrying a bag of emotional failures and problems that you had in childhood, throw it on the ground right now, forgive yourself because it was not your fault.
“To forgive means to release a prisoner, and this prisoner is none other than yourself”

8-Be honest with yourself

Loving someone means being honest with yourself and your inner feelings. If you are happy, express your happiness. If you are sad, do not hide your sadness. When you are honest about your feelings, you no longer have to lie to yourself and bury your negative feelings. This will help you discover the main domain of your thoughts and see where the negative thoughts are coming from. Change your negative thoughts and replace them with healing and personal growth.

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9-Grow yourself spiritually.

When you spend some time to develop yourself spiritually, loving someone will be created automatically. You will become a calmer, more connected, kinder, more loving and caring person. You strengthen the mind that every day will be more beautiful than yesterday. How can you not love yourself during this process?

10-Have daily positive affirmations.

Emphasize every day that you have the ability to increase your self-esteem and do something to emphasize this as much as possible. Say to yourself: “I love myself and accept myself as I am, without any conditions.” Read your affirmations out loud several times a day. It only takes a few minutes a day to relax the body and soul.
Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and let go of all your inner emotions, concentrate and say to yourself slowly: “I love you, everything is fine.” After that you will feel more relaxed.

11-Be thankful.

Be grateful for all that you have and be grateful for your humanity. Be grateful for the talents and abilities you have, that you are healthy, alive, and able to change the course of your life.

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12-Cultivate your dreams.

Why are you neglecting yourself and your dreams? When you strengthen your desires, life will be sweeter for you and you can easily direct it in the desired direction. Every moment of life is enjoyable because you express yourself fully during it.
20 years from now you will regret the things you could have and didn’t do rather than the things you did. So buckle up, leave the safe harbor. Dream, search, discover.


You need time to find new strength. If you are constantly working without paying attention to your health, it means that you don’t love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Fill your time with silence, listening to soothing music and beautiful pictures, or whatever feeds your soul.

14-Have fun.

Add some excitement to your life. Life should be enjoyable. Do not take life and yourself too seriously. If you change your perspective, you will automatically calm down and stop worrying about worthless things.

15-Take care of your body

You should always maintain your physical health at an optimal level by using a nutritious diet and exercise. Your body is a sacred temple that you should treat with respect. So love it and value it. Not loving yourself is one of the main causes of eating disorders, obesity and many other diseases.

16-Learn to see beauty

When you learn to see the beauty in everything, you can also see your inner beauty. Smell the flowers, feel the beauty, feel the red of the flowers, the green of the greens, the howl of the wind, and the sunset of the sky.

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