Ways to show yourself love

Ways to show yourself love

1- Be aware of our inner feelings

In order to experience the warmth of love for ourselves and to improve our quality and lifestyle in order to achieve our desires, we need to understand ourselves, we need to know what we feel, and we need to know and respect our own feelings.
We have to accept that we may get upset and angry sometimes and having negative feelings is not the reason for our negative thoughts towards ourselves.

2- Let's pay attention to our inner conversations.

When we know our feelings and express them in different situations, our inner conversations may cause positive and constructive or negative and inhibiting thoughts by playing different thoughts in our mind. We are responsible for what voice in our mind talks to us and we are responsible for creating a better example of ourselves.

3-Accept and love the things that make us different.

We all have different talents and abilities and it is necessary to see our positive and productive characteristics and make a list of them and use them in our activities every day; This work makes us feel that we are good at what we do, and the pleasant feeling it brings is self-love.
We should note that human beings can always improve, so we should try to expand and improve our skills and learn new things if necessary. To do this, let’s consider prizes for ourselves, and these prizes can be participation in new classes or training courses.

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4- Love yourself and others without any expectations.

Loving is a miracle and it is institutionalized in all of us, this miracle is the creator and promoter of life and we all have tasted the experience of loving; When a mother loves her child, she does not expect any love back from him, in fact, she loves and cares for her child completely sincerely and unexpectedly.
Unexpected love also means that when we love ourselves and others, we should not have any expectations , but we should love with all our heart and do this only to experience the feeling of love.

5- To believe in ourselves.

There are many people who have done great things with constructive beliefs or have resisted severe illnesses. These people have been those who believed in the power of positive belief and do not doubt their abilities and if they face failure, they do not blame themselves, but seek to change their ways and paths.
They are strangers to feelings of inferiority and negative thoughts, and when we are in the category of these people, we allow our hearts to be guided by positive thoughts, trust, and stability.

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6- Remove wrong people from our lives

Most of us have had the experience of spending a lot of energy on people who didn’t deserve to be in our lives or on jobs that were below the level of our desires and abilities, yet some of us may still spend energy on them or on eliminating the wrong people do insist.
Like when we hear a lie and remain silent or where we should leave but stay, we should end toxic relationships and spend this energy and time to identify ourselves and love ourselves. We should create a better life for ourselves by crossing the limits and being aware of self-belief. The way to success in life is the way to make changes.

7-Take care of your body.

Our body is the crystallization of our thoughts and our relationship with ourselves. When our relationship with ourselves is efficient and we experience love for ourselves, we should also care about our body. In this context, we can have regular exercise and a healthy and nourishing diet.

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8-Admire and appreciate ourselves.

We should see our positive qualities and appreciate ourselves for developing or acquiring new skills. We have all done great things and completed many journeys with strength, regardless of the results we should be grateful to ourselves for being persistent and resilient.

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9- Don't criticize ourselves.

When we review the feedback of our work, if we don’t get the desired result, we should not start criticizing ourselves cruelly and ineffectively, and note that the thoughts that come to our mind now may not have occurred to us for a moment. Let’s forgive ourselves for the past. And instead of criticizing experiences, learn lessons for better performance in the future.

10-Accept ourselves as we are.

In the end, we all have desires and goals and we try to achieve our dreams with self-love and other tools at our disposal, but there are moments when we have lost opportunities or caused resentment and We are upset.
Maybe we have reviewed these events many times in our mind and wasted a lot of time. We should note that losing opportunities or experiencing failures is a part of our life and the time of these events is in the past, but our goals and dreams are in the future and waiting for us.

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A practical solution to the question of how to love ourselves:

How to love yourself? From this moment we have to start trying and accept ourselves as we are. This does not mean that we cannot be better, but it means that we should spend our energy on improving the quality and lifestyle of our lives.
We are always in a race with ourselves, and if we want to win, we must remember that we cannot move forward quickly and support ourselves by looking back. Often we step forward to support others, but when we ourselves need support, we express it less.
Getting support is an art and being supportive is a valuable ability that we should cultivate in ourselves. We can get help from friends and family to love ourselves. For example, we ask the person we love to tell us about our merits. In this field, you can also benefit from the help of consultants.

Ways to show yourself love

When I look in the mirror, my facial imperfections immediately catch my attention. Seeing facial blemishes, untidy hair, bulging cheeks, etc. causes a change in my thoughts. “I wish I had better skin,” or “I should work out more.”
This also happens when I think about my current situation. I think that by working I can save more money, by spending less time finding and searching for faults in my appearance, and with manners, university and going to work, my situation will be better and happier.
Surely you are also ready for how often you look at yourself and think you are really beautiful? Or are you happy with your position in life? If your answer is “never!” or “Rarely”, please know that you are not alone! There are many people who have the same thoughts. Also know that there are tools to help you overcome these thoughts.

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