6 Beliefs of successful people in NLP

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) knowledge was initially formed by imitating successful individuals. These people were active in various fields such as psychology, art, business, sports and so on.
NLP by studying these people came to the conclusion that the secret of success, health and happiness of these successful people lies in 6 key beliefs.
Notice that beliefs are windows that show us the world. When we decide to look at the world through the eyes of successful people, we will create a strong vision for ourselves and experience success in our lives quickly.

here To 6 beliefs successful people In the NLP We will pay:

1-All human beings are experts.

There is an old story about a man who is one night was looking for his key under the lights in the street. Several neighbors who saw the scene came to his aid to find his keys. One of the neighbors asked:
“Where did you lose your keys?” The man replied, “In my house.” The surprised neighbor asked, “Then why are you looking for them here?” “Because there is more light here,” said the man.
The fact is that no one knows us better than we do. Even if we spend our whole lives finding the answer outside of ourselves, we will not be able to answer the questions we face every day until we begin the search within.

2-We have all the necessary resources for success.

Do you think that you can handle your shoes or buy them at the store? In this case, you have confidence, and so you can use the same self-confidence to talk in public or to approach someone you find attractive or any other activity you like.
Have you ever experienced love for parents or children? So you can love your spouse, family or even yourself more.
The only difference between you and the genius people is that they have learned how to use their resources at the right time. These resources are the reserves of the subconscious mind. There was a great belief in all the successful people that NLP examined that we all have all the necessary facilities for change and it is enough to use them effectively.

3-We can do whatever we like by dividing big tasks into smaller tasks.

NLP studies have shown that another belief of successful people was that they believed that any problem could be solved if we divided it into small parts. When we train the brain to look at great things in simple, doable steps, great things seem much more possible. We all do that naturally.
For example, when we want to memorize a phone number, we divide it into smaller numbers. When we want to buy expensive goods such as a house or a car, we pay for it in smaller installments so that we can control the payment process and afford it.

4-If what you are doing is useless, do something else.

In his best-selling book, Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese? He points to the difference between humans and mice and says: When mice realize that what they are doing is useless, they do something else.
But when a person realizes that what she is doing is useless, she looks for someone to blame her.
Definitely many times You have heard the sentence that Some people keep saying : “But I always did that” or “I’m not that kind of person.” But the reality is that what seems right and natural to us is the result of the kind of mental planning we do, not our capacity, our abilities and our talents.
Successful people Believe that If you want other results Create in your life, You need to get out of the situation where you felt comfortable and do something else.

5-There is no such thing as failure, Rather, it is just a feedback.

Do you know when you fail? When you decide to stop learning, but before that decision, every response and reaction you receive will provide you with valuable information that will show you whether your actions bring you closer to or away from your goal. Just as when a plane flies to its destination, about 90% of the pilot’s time is spent adjusting the flight path. In fact, successful people know that success is what comes after failure.
Successful people have in common that they all make more mistakes than they do unsuccessful people. Every mistake or failure is in fact an opportunity for successful human beings to learn. So another belief of successful people is that failure is one of the necessary parts of the learning process and not the end of it.
In other words, it is not the people who fail, but their strategies and plans that fail. What do you do if your strategies, measures or plans fail? You need to change them enough to find the path that will lead you to success.
Fear of failure is a very powerful factor in motivating us. But if we can reduce its emotional burden, it will be less powerful, and this is a powerful belief. When you know that failure is not the end of the road and is just one of the normal steps of the success process, then the negative emotional burden of failure will disappear and you will consider failure as your companion in your journey to happiness, success and prosperity.

6-You are building your future right now.

One of the main differences between successful and unsuccessful people is that they use their past and present to build the future. If you always pay attention to your past, you will always feel that history is doomed to repeat itself.
If you look at the present, you will see that there are new options that can expand your possibilities. No matter how hard you try in the past, every moment of every day is an opportunity for you to choose new options and achieve new results.

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