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The twenty-fifth law of attraction: the official law of the world (shortcuts of the law of attraction)

In order to embrace your childish intellect and transform the world into your dreams, you must prepare yourself to set the rules. Each of these rules will be done if it suits your style, strengths and harmony with your inner self.
For example, imagine your life as a game and suppose that a person will win in this game who follows your rules, then you are the winner, so the world declares you the winner every time.
I will give an example of a person who owns a business according to his interest. He doesn’t do anything he doesn’t feel good about. He never fires his employees and does not interfere in financial matters and he has entrusted this work to another person, and he alone supervises. So he lives in peace and enjoys what he wants.

The twenty-sixth law of attraction: use kindness and affection to get everything you want.

When I was a child, I woke up in the morning with creative energy, this energy to do something useful, and it was something new, something new that I had not done before.
I once had a teacher who told me about the idea of uniqueness, there is no such thing, he was a good man, but he and I were opposites to each other, you have to know that there is something unique inside each person, So think about it and know that you can use this precious gift and become a rich, happy, loving and enlightened person.
Kindness is part of the DNA of your energetic being, so you must show this kindness to the world around you, because you deserve the best in your life, if you, like many people, have no idea about your success. And you don’t believe in your own worth and power. You can help people deeply and from the bottom of your heart, this help of yours can have incredible feedback. You may feel like a king in these cases.

The writing of kindness by means of chalk on the floor

The twenty-seventh law of attraction: continue your path and release all the energy inside you.

What is the desired path for your success? Do you usually live the way you like and is suitable for you? Or is your life going the way others have told you and you are trying to be what others have taught you?
So it is worth to think with yourself sometimes, take a pen and paper and go to the side of a lake or wherever you think you can have peace of mind. Now try to write down some of your mental thoughts and concerns that you carry with you everywhere.
For example, maybe someone told you that you are a poor person, that life is very hard and exhausting, maybe your teacher told you before that you are not a good student, maybe something bad happened to you or you feel guilty. Maybe someone did something bad to you and you are not able to forgive him. Write down all these things and then make a list.
Now commit to letting them go, then you can fly like a free bird. But wait. Do not rush this matter : and go according to the rule of one percent. Based on that, you can unconsciously let go of one percent of mental friction and worries every day and be sure that you will gradually feel better.
In many cases, people who come to counseling have enjoyed this solution so much because they have decided to let go of their mental burdens and move on. Can you imagine what it feels like to be freed? There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to move on with your wings. Now remember that the distance between you and your actual path is millions of times smaller than a thin sheet of paper.

The twenty-eighth law of attraction: an unconscious shortcut (the secret of the rich and famous)

Positive affirmations and suggestions always work when you repeat them over and over again, not only consciously, but subconsciously, and that’s when it becomes energy. As John Lennon said: Life is what happens to you when you are doing something else. Many people think that work is not fun and that good jobs must be hard, so I have to work hard and strive hard to achieve my goal. If you study about very successful and rich people, you will realize that they are different and behave differently, these people have chosen different methods. And they believe that we are the ones who can make the rules and we should not follow them. So you can be the same. Let’s act fast because as simple as a choice, it will happen.
Example: Richard Branson: I just do it for fun.
The majority of people say: This decision will not be implemented.
Steve Jobs: This decision will be implemented because we have made this decision, now we have to see how it will be implemented.
Most people say: It has become difficult to communicate with people.
Oprah: People are exciting and amazing.

A photo of a road and a white sphere written inside the sphere 1%

The 29th Law of Attraction: A Shocking Story About Moving Into yourselves Right Path

When you decide to go on a trip, don’t expect normal results and have extraordinary expectations and standards for yourself. Knowing and being aware of yourself is the best adventure, but many people try to divert you from the right path and divert you from practicing the law of attraction, and a bitter problem is that the people you love the most try to Deliberately keeping you off your path like people on a sinking ship clinging to you instead of letting you escape.
But it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you and don’t want to see you happy, but it means that they still don’t know anything about your real strength, so continue your journey and ideally and respectfully. Learn to love your mission where you are right now. Discover who you are and know that your body, mind, and spirit are more than what they normally appear to be.

The 30th Law of Attraction: (psychological biomechanics) discover and remove what is really holding you back

When you feel uncomfortable, when you think it’s a big problem, it’s not a problem. Once I thought I had a pain in the back of my body, but I realized I was wrong and it’s a It was a physical issue, I was locking my knees throughout the practice, someone showed me how to maintain the correct body position and that solved my problem.
In the same way, a professional athlete with a small flaw in his technique can easily act on the law of attraction by identifying and fixing these flaws and improving what he always thought was correct in his mind and be successful You can also be like this, that is, you can achieve remarkable results with a small change in your attitude or lifestyle.
Imagine that your life is a chain of jewels with precious stones, then you are a wonderful part of it, all you need to know is that if one of these links is weak, the whole chain will fall apart, and seeing disorder, You think that your life is not going the right way, but know that despite all the chaos and this feeling of disconnection that has formed in you, I don’t believe in it and I think that it is not possible for people to feel like a failure. and I believe that all lively creatures have potential and magical abilities.
I will tell you the key to solving this problem and that is to find the weakest link in your life chain and strengthen it, doing this is very simple and it is called psychological biomechanics. So don’t worry, the law of attraction is knocking at your door and you will strengthen your inner strength and positive potential with a small action. I repeat again: it is the small hinges that open the big doors.

Photo of 4 golden chain rings

The 31st Law of Attraction: Why Baby Steps Are Perfect for Transferring Positive Energy

Be eager to take small steps and experience big changes with great energy, small steps and big changes are like siblings. You don’t need to take massive action to think you’re doing something, but you can simply make continuous progress. I am quite serious about this and I say that you don’t have to travel the road of a hundred years overnight rather, regular steps, like baby steps, and large energy changes are perfectly coordinated and also in accordance with the law of attraction.

The 32nd law of attraction: the most powerful part of everything (concentration)

Don’t shorten the way to do your work due to lack of energy and strength, if you are not able to do a hundred things at the same time with a lot of energy, put them all aside and choose only one thing. But spend your maximum energy on it.

The image of a child who is walking and the image of a child who climbs the stairs with 4 hands and feet
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