68 seconds law of attraction by Esther Hicks

Ester Hicks is one of the most popular Law of Attraction professors, and he has written practical Law of Attraction exercises for you to in the book (ask and it is given). In this section, you will read the 68 second exercise, which is one of the most famous exercises of the law of attraction by Ms. Esther Hicks.
Esther Hicks’ 68 second exercise is another law of attraction exercise that we intend to teach you in this article. This exercise was designed by Ms. Esther Hicks. You will get great results with this exercise

68 seconds law of attraction by Esther Hicks

First, you define your goal and desire and visualize it for 68 seconds.
While visualizing you are sending out the vibration of that desire and gradually by repeating it over a few days you strengthen the vibrations in yourself.
Then you get that desire through the law of attraction. Try to do this exercise when you feel good, and if you encounter resistance from the subconscious mind, don’t get discouraged and continue.
You will definitely get what you think. If you want a house, but when you think about it, you say to yourself, how? So you are sending the vibration of not wanting it.
When you want something, it doesn’t matter whether it’s money or peace or having love, you have to visualize them as your current possessions; In other words, you should think about it as if you have it and own it.
So that your mind is conditioned by repetition. You must first believe that you can get whatever you want. At this stage, you send the right vibrations to the source of energy and receive it very quickly. The stage of acceptance is very important, and with this 68-second exercise, you will achieve what you want and be ready to accept it.

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Why when we don't want anything? enters our lives!!!

Esther Hicks says that one of the common questions that most people are involved in is:
Why does it appear in our life when we don’t want something and say no to it? The world is trying to catch up. When you direct your attention to something you don’t want, you make it one of your vibrations and attract it to you. You are constantly paying attention to things you don’t want, so you are still sending its vibration.
Esther Hicks goes on to say that when you are in the mode of sending the vibration of wealth and on the other hand, you follow the news and media, or people around you are constantly talking about poverty and misery. When you look at them and notice how much poverty there is in the world, then you are not sending the vibration of wealth, but you are sending the vibration of poverty, misery and bankruptcy. That is why you should avoid bad and negative news.
So don’t think or pay attention to what you don’t want, and be sure that when you don’t pay attention, it won’t become a part of you. Follow this program for at least a few months so that your thoughts change from negative to positive. In this state, the mind will change from negative to positive by default, and when you send the vibration of wealth, wealth will enter your life to your surprise. Don’t worry if negative thoughts come to you sometimes, the key is not to say them. The power of positive thoughts is many times that of negative thoughts.

Raise the vibration or change the frequency

You can’t change your mental frequencies and vibrations quickly, it will take some time for you to move into alternative vibrations, such as the wealth vibration and other vibrations. You can do this with practice and concentration, but if you constantly have the same thought and send the same vibrations and want your life to change, know that it is impossible.
It is only by changing your thoughts that your mental circuit changes.
You gain power and control over your life when you control and are aware of your thoughts. This also happens by changing your thoughts and mind. In order to better understand how you should send your vibrations, we come again to the topic of emotions. Are your wishes not to feel better and have deeper peace in life? So, to reach this stage, you must increase your level of vitality and happiness. The important point here is that the basis of life is freedom, and the result of life is development and expansion, but the goal of life is happiness.

Abraham Hicks says:

One of the ways you can tune in to the creator energy and feel great is by complimenting others. Say good things about them and love others because by doing this you are doing yourself a big favor, your inner positive energy will increase and your life will be incredibly beautiful.

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Eliminating depression, sadness, hopelessness

Esther Hicks says: If you are in a state of depression or sadness, do something. Do what you like, it can be painting, music or reading books or helping others or going to work or anything else, it doesn’t matter what matters is that you are interested in it. In these moments, replace positive thoughts. If you think and see that it is useless, change that thought again. Think about good things until you finally find a thought that makes you feel better.
Do this consciously. These actions play a very important role in changing how you feel. Now you are one step away from sadness or depression. Now think about someone who made you angry one day. Think about that day, this stage may be a little confusing for you, but it is true that anger will make you move further away from the stage of depression or resentment. But it is important to get rid of anger immediately and control yourself because the people around you may not know why you have turned to anger. It is interesting to know that anger is an emotion that makes you feel powerless and helpless. But on the condition that you master yourself immediately.

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