The human brain is like a computer that records everything that happens in our lives; Behaviors, decisions, reactions, actions, etc. are all processed by this computer.
This computer has an operating system like Windows to process. Our brain’s operating system is “subconsciousness”.
In fact, it is the subconscious mind that determines the dos and don’ts, controls our behaviors and decisions, filters our reactions, and directs our actions.
But you may ask, how does the subconsciousness know what the do and don’ts are.
How does subconsciousness know what filters to do about our behaviors and performance? And on what basis does the subconsciousness control and direct our actions?
The answer to these questions can be summed up in one word: “Beliefs”
These beliefs guide the subconscious mind guiding our brain; Therefore, the belief forming is of special importance because these beliefs guide our lives.

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The Belief Formation

In this article, we will point out 7 things that are important in the belief formation process.
1)Control the inputs of your mind
Beliefs are of thoughts. Our thoughts are made up of inputs to our brains.
What are the inputs to our brain?
Remembering memories from the past, our visions of the future, our conversational interactions with those around us, things we write, things we hear, writings we read, everything we see around us, experiences we feel, and so on. All are effective input factors in forming and shaping beliefs.
If the material of our inputs is inappropriate, deterrent beliefs will be formed , and if they are appropriate, we will see constructive beliefs.

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We are directly and strongly influenced by the pattern of anything or anyone. This also can create constructive or destructive beliefs in our minds.

3)The companion, Verbal Communication

Other effective ways to form the trust are your companions around you

”In no way can you go above the average of the five closest people around you,” said Jim Ronny
in the companion domain.
This means that when we associate with one person a lot, talk a lot and be in the same environment a lot, subconsciously their behavior, the way they talk, the way they think and also their beliefs will influence us.
Therefore, in order to form better and constructive beliefs for ourselves, it is necessary to be in environments related to our goals and be with people with whom we share same beliefs. In this way, our subconscious mind gradually believes that we are also a part of that group or belong to that place. This will move and act in the direction of achieving our desires.

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4) Repetition; The most important key to belief formation

Within 24 hours, the more we pay attention to any issue, the more it will be accepted in our minds and will gradually become a belief. For example, if you pay attention to the fact that you are a valuable person during the day and pay attention to this issue in different ways, you will believe that you are a valuable person. This focus can be repeating yourself this sentence many times or taking actions.
Of course, the subject that we focus on and pay attention to, we must include emotions. Because if we constantly repeat a phrase that does not evoke a specific meaning for us, and we have no feelings for that phrase, it will not work, and a belief will not be formed.
For example, you keep repeating yourself that you are a valuable person, but you do not have an example of being valuable in your mind; That is, you do not know what you mean by being a valuable person. In this case, this sentence will become meaningless to you after repeating it several times and a belief will not be formed.
Therefore, repetition can form beliefs whenever we repeat that sentence or take action it evokes excite or creates an image of that in our minds.

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5)Mental llustration

Our mind does not distinguish between reality and virtual reality; That is why when we visualize something mentally, we believe in ourselves; Belief in the form of image we have visualized.
This means that when we have imagined it many times in our mind and this image has been repeated over and over again and sent as an input to our brain, the brain does not recognize the difference between being real and unreal. Then it becomes a belief.
For example, in verbal intelligence and self-confidence training, we teach people to visualize themselves doing a task. Everyone thinks of themselves as lecturing, asking, persuading, defending their rights, and so on. When this image is repeated over and over again as input to the brain, the belief is formed that they can do it well; Because they have done it virtually over and over again.

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6)Referring to past experiences

Another way to form belief is referring to our experiences. How have we already achieved success; when everyone said you can not do something, but we could do it powerfully; How well we performed in a meeting; How well we did in a given situation; How we survived in those difficult conditions and did not fail and.
recalling experiences builds this strength in us and forms the belief that I will be able to do it as I have done before.

7)Confirmation of symptoms

When we decide to develop a belief in ourselves, early signs of success may appear more or less . All we have to do is to acknowledge and be thankful for the smallest signs; That is, with the smallest positive event that occurs in line with the belief we want to create, we immediately pay attention to it and repeat to ourselves that this is a sign of the great belief that is growing in me. This (confirmation of small signs) forms or strengthens our beliefs.

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