Eliminate negative energies

The 18th Law of Attraction: Eliminate negative energies

It’s time to eliminate doubt and negative energy from your life. If you are surrounded by negative energy, know that they have reached the point where they believe they are invited to your party.
Know that everything in your life will appear according to your true energy. Based on your energy, amazing people, different opportunities and different adventures will appear in your life.
When you decide to shape your life the way you want it to be, you can use the concept of setting the scene to adjust the energy field according to the Law of Attraction, so that all things and people will manifest themselves to you as you desire. But how to get rid of negative energies?
That’s right… sometimes you can’t! But you trivialize those energies, that is, you destroy all their power, and as a result, they will not affect you.
What you have to do with negative people, memories or negative things is to destroy them in your mind and turn them into something ridiculous according to the magic of your mind.
One of my colleagues felt that her boss was a negative influence on her and made her anxious and upset.
So he decided to imagine his nose like the clown’s nose, his shoes like the clown’s squeaky shoes, that is, in his mind he reduced him to the size of a mouse.
From then on, when my colleague thought of his boss, he laughed and was filled with inner joy.
The mind really attracts good things, good people and exciting opportunities in life, so this law of attraction itself can make changes in your life.

A photo of a clown's hat and red nose and trumpet

The 19th Law of Attraction: 2 important things you need in life

There are only two things you need to do to turn your suggestions, thoughts and affirmations into reality: the first thing is to ask, do you really want it?
And the second thing is, do you have complete faith in what is going to happen?
When you manage these two important issues you can build a bridge of belief between where you are now and any parallel universe you choose.
For people who want to quit smoking, there are two reasons why they cannot do so.
The first reason is that they don’t want to do it (which is often unconscious).
And the second reason is that they don’t believe that they can quit smoking because they think that quitting smoking will be hard and very difficult.
If you approach any goal or want to approach it, answer two questions:
What needs to change for me to be more passionate and want something?
What needs to change for me to have more faith?

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the 20 Law of Attraction: Make your comments twice as powerful and effective (in less than 5 seconds)

Turn your comments into questions, the world loves to ask questions, if you ask the right questions, the answers will be shown to you like magic.
And you can have the life you envisioned according to the Law of Attraction, a very wise person once said that if you ask the right question, you are 50% of the way to the right answer.
I think this is true and I believe that in this case the world and your subconscious power will show you the other 50% of the way.

The 21st Law of Attraction: Take over the world to achieve your cherished and cherished desires

What you need to do to create and then manifest your amazing goals involves two steps.
Imagine yourself in the middle of the Olympic Games and see yourself standing on the winner’s podium, touch the medal around your neck and see its golden glow, and see the flag of your country rising at the top as the winner.
But the second step is when you step on the platform and see yourself there, this step is the key that makes your subconscious mind achieve this dream.
How do I know if this is working properly? Because scientists have proven this issue time and time again, if we spend a long time imagining our goals, we have only increased the power of our mind and nothing else will happen, but in these cases, we must use our mind in the meaning Literally Let’s really practice reaching the destination and goal, eventually you will see that you approach it like a kitten running after a ping pong ball and eventually you will get it according to the law of attraction.
Have you seen how travel and tour magazines use a picture of a beach with white sand and azure blue sky and empty tables and chairs in their publication?
That empty seat makes you absorb it in your mind and wants you to be there. In these cases, the law of attraction is created with the distance between here and there to be a bridge to reach the goal.
But you have to know that imagining is not enough, you have to watch yourself on the television of your mind, which means to see yourself as the star of the movie of your life and see with your own eyes everything you want to be and everything you want to achieve. , this will help the reality of your life, practicing this method will make the law of attraction work more prominently in your life.

A board with a question written on it

The 22nd Law of Attraction: How to send a vibration to the world?

Like a depleted battery that needs recharging, your desires and energies also need recharging. If you look at yourself as a rechargeable battery, you will ask yourself if my dreams and goals will be able to charge me or not? If the answer is no, then there are many ways that our dreams can be redesigned and redefined.
Like designing a new trip or designing a new painting. With the feeling of having your dream, you can send a positive frequency to the world and be in the orbit of achieving your desire.

The 23rd Law of Attraction: Do you desire to be in the frequency of your desire?

cognition is a divine matter. In fact, there is no destiny for us unless you simply embrace being powerful, and one important thing to know is that until you have achieved success, it will never be evident to you, and this is nothing. You must understand and apply it yourself.
You have to make yourself as unique as a mother who sees her newborn child for the first time, try to love yourself as you are, this is when the world sees you as you see yourself Isn’t that amazing?
If you want to know and apply the law of attraction of wealth, don’t suggest to yourself that you will be rich one day, but show the world that you are a rich person now.
And take this as a fact, I used to explain to people when I was financially weak years ago that I was a rich person with no money, you too if you are financially broke or in debt, when you look at yourself You will see that you are really a millionaire because you act like a magnet.
Also, in this way, you can be a lover who has not yet found your true love, so according to the law of attraction, you will get what you want.

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The 24th Law of Attraction: Why might you hide yourself from the world and be afraid of being successful?

Think of the mind of children, all their actions and decisions happen easily, then they are not concerned with what they should do and how to change their thoughts and feelings, instead you are concerned with this. You focus on what you want to be or how you can achieve the best and highest level of yourself.
Don’t be afraid to go deep in the ocean and scream in the deep, don’t be afraid to dance in the rain.
Don’t feel like you are the person who is allowed to hide yourself from the world, sometimes the only key to progress and attract wealth, attract success and attract the universe is to get out of the trance we are in and move.

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