What is the request law?

What is the request law?

You can use the law of attraction of the universe to achieve all your goals and desires.
Those who are familiar with the laws of attraction should be well acquainted with this threefold formula ( request, (faith and belief), receive).
All human beings have desires and aspirations to achieve throughout their lives. But requesting and how to achieve something is very important. In many cases, people do not even know exactly what they want and what they request.
For example, matters arising from attracting wealth, we always hear people say that I want a large amount of money. This amount must be specified. Say, for example, that I want to earn € 2,000 a month. It is very important that you know your explicit goal. In some cases, people hate rich people but want to possess wealth. All these factors affect the requests receiving. Your beliefs can bring your desires into your life or become a barrier to your receiving.
Once you have requested for something, and you believe that you have received it, it is time to take a step and get what you want. In fact, the law of attraction is the law of “desiring and taking a step motivationally and powerfully”. You will definitely get it. In other words, at the receiving stage, you should do something to get what you desire, and if you just desire something that you have not tried, you will never get it.

In confirmation of this, the book “Secret” by Ms. Randa Byrne also cites an example that illustrates this point, you should believe that your desire is waiting for you to do something for it. In fact, you should work hard to get what you want. Effort, effort and effort because only with perseverance you can achieve your great desires. Of course, effort is not always physical, and sometimes mental actions such as meditation and purging or the use of the law of vacuum are also considered as a kind of effort.
Now it’s better to learn how to meditate ?!
It is better to calm your mind using one of the different methods of meditation for five to ten minutes. By doing this, your brain power will increase dramatically, and you will also set your mind in a calm and relaxing state. It should be noted that this step is not obligatory, but do not underestimate its extraordinary effect, just try meditation once to see the amazing results yourself.

Request, (faith and the belief), receive

The law of request states that in order to receive a request, the request or an answer to your question, you must first know exactly what you desire.
That is, at a given moment, and subconsciously you are asked what you desire and what you are looking for at the moment (?)
You should be able to explain your request in full detail to the questioner.
On this point, your goal for yourself is very clear, so the universe knows exactly what you desire based on the signals it receiving from you.
For example, if you want a new house, you need to write down what you want, without any mental or logical limitations, or constantly review it and talk to yourself about it. Consider this example. This is an example of the desire for a transparency.
The ambiguity of yours is like trying to change the TV channel. If you do not know which channel you want to choose, and you do not press the appropriate button on the remote control, how does the TV know which the channel to switch to ?!
According to the law of the request, because the universe is a programmed system that listens to the requests of human beings and put them into action.
These requests are done via the language, visualization, thanksgiving and talking, and so on. There are a famous quote from Esther Hicks saying that, “If you desire, it will be given to you.”.

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