Ways to reduce stress

Ways to reduce stress (reducing stress with these 17 methods is very fast and simple)

We all get stressed and anxious over and over again throughout our lives. It is important to know that the first point to control and reduce stress is to accept stress as a message from the subconscious mind that is always looking for our security, comfort and well-being.
It is in this way that we do not consider stress and anxiety not only as a stubborn enemy, but we become friends with him in the first place. This makes stress reduction strategies work very quickly.
In this article, I want to teach you practical ways to treat stress immediately. Please be with me.

The fastest ways to reduce stress:

1.Write down any thoughts that are causing you stress.

Writing helps to clear the mind and relax more. Without analysis, just write your stressful thoughts on a piece of paper and then crumple the paper and throw it in the trash.

2.Breathing exercises.

One way to reduce stress is to do proper breathing exercises. To do this and whenever you are under a lot of stress, use methods 1, 4, 2. That is, every few seconds you do the inhale operation, hold the air in your lungs four times as much and exhale twice as long as the inhale time.
For example, when you inhale in 2 seconds, hold the air in your lungs for 8 seconds and exhale in 4 seconds. Be sure to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

3.Time management and prioritization to get things done.

Write down your daily to-do list every night before bed or early in the morning and immediately after waking up.
Then choose the first 3 priorities (in the most essential tasks of the day) and say to yourself: “I am only obliged to do these 3 tasks today”. Now if you have enough time after doing these priorities, do the other tasks again based on Give priority.
According to the teachings of NLP science, when we do not prioritize our work, the subconscious mind comes to the conclusion that doing everything will be very difficult and exhausting, and this will cause internal conflicts, stress and anxiety, and eventually We turn to laziness and procrastination and again the stress level increases. Because we are aware of our laziness and blame ourselves.

4photos, 2 of which have a desktop clock and 2 photos from the notebook and list
The girl who writes notes in her notebook

4- Pay more attention to the child inside you.

Listening to music, playing, drawing, laughing,. Are all activities that help us better communicate with the child within us. In many training sessions and nlp courses, I have found that people become stressed because they ignore the desires of the subconscious mind and always want to move within a certain framework.
Because the child, or the subconscious mind, is always looking for attention, and if we are not aware of it, it will react in any way, including producing stress and anxiety.

5. Plan a short trip.

One of the deepest beliefs formed in our minds is our view of time and place. NLP teachings show that these beliefs can be so powerful that they can even change our destiny. Spatial and temporal distancing can open mental filters.
One way to quickly treat stress is to travel short distances.

6. Stay away from stressful environments.

Some places and some people around you play a big role in increasing stress. Stay as far away from them as possible. Associating with people who are constantly releasing their negative energy causes toxic thoughts and intensifies mental conflicts, resulting in stress production.

7- Adequate sleep and rest

Note that some activities, such as sleep and rest, which we refer to as solid activities in nlp, are among those to which our subconscious mind is very sensitive.
Sleep deprivation and extreme tiredness can lead to severe mental disorders, which can lead to the release of hormones that help increase stress.

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3photos of nature and the beach and one photo of the mountain and the road

8.Learn effective communication skills with others.

One way to reduce stress is to learn effective communication skills. You need to learn who to deal with and how. Strengthen the power of “say no” in yourself. There is no reason to constantly seek to meet the needs of others. Stay away from some of your commitments and love yourself first and foremost.

9- Walking or running

One of the best ways to treat stress quickly is to walk or run, which lowers the levels of stress hormones (such as cortisol). Be sure to try a 15minute walk when you are under a lot of stress.

10- Relaxation

Doing the right relaxation twice a day helps to reduce stress and increase relaxation. For this purpose, be in a calm environment and in a suitable position. Then, one by one, focus on your limbs, from the soles of your feet to the scalp, and feel that each of your limbs is light and weightless.
After reviewing all the organs of the body, imagine yourself in an environment that you are interested in, such as the sea, forest, mountains, plains, etc., and remember the characteristics that relax you in that environment. These features can be cool air, gentle breeze, the sound of waves, a beautiful view or anything else. A proper relaxation will eventually take 15 minutes.

A 2-year-old child sleeping
A man and a woman walking with their dog

11. Take care of your social needs.

Communicating with friends and people around you that you enjoy spending time with is one way to reduce stress.
At NLP we learn that social needs are one of the most basic needs of every human being, and ignoring them causes them to go out of balance and lose the power of emotional control such as stress and anxiety.

12- Thanksgiving

One of the best and fastest ways to reduce stress is to be thankful. When we are thankful and because we are reminded of the resources and facilities we have, the intensity of our worries and stresses is reduced.

13.Slow down your rhythm.

Fully consciously slow down the rhythm and speed of your actions and reactions. For this purpose, counting from 1 to 10 and then starting to work can have a great effect on reducing stress and anxiety.
Sometimes I ask my clients to slow down some of their regular daily activities. It is as if they are deliberately walking at a slower pace, eating their food more slowly, and speaking even slower.

14.Be realistic.

One of the skills of NLP is to reinforce realism instead of positivity or negativity. If we practice seeing the positive and the negative side by side, then we will have more realistic judgments.
Realism balances our expectations of others and makes us less likely to blame ourselves or them. I dare say that realism is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

15. Doing spiritual work

Many people mistakenly think that when we talk about spirituality, we mean only religious beliefs, while religious beliefs can only be considered part of spirituality. What nlp does in discussing the spiritual world is doing activities outside the realm of everyday life and the material world.
These activities can help a charity, support working children, go to nature and pay attention to the secrets of creation and many other things.

16.Set aside time to be alone.

Be sure to schedule a time to experience solitude and solitude with yourself. At these times, just be silent and allow your mind to be free. This helps to drastically reduce various emotions such as stress.

17.An hour before bed, stay away from TV and cyberspace.

Note that the various news and information that you receive through cyberspace and television, especially before going to bed at night, will greatly affect your performance the next day.
In any case, the subconscious mind must summarize and conclude the various input information, and one of the times when the subconscious mind does this more accurately is before bedtime.

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